The Importance of Proper Core Storage

Studying core samples is an important aspect of scientific research and proper core storage is critical to maintaining accurate records.

Scientists, educators, governments, and private companies all play a role in preserving and examining rock and ice cores. While the basis of the research may differ, they all require core storage facilities

Alaska Structures® has been providing core storage solutions for nearly 50 years. Whether you need a 200,000 square foot, temperature-controlled core storage facility or a portable core shack, building solutions from Alaska Structures are custom-built structures designed to provide the needed storage space. 

What Are Core Samples, and Why Do They Need to Be Stored?

Core samples are cylindrical sections of typically naturally occurring substances. To obtain these samples, a hollow steel tube — known as a core drill — drills into the substance and creates a core hole. 

The cylindrical section is then removed from the core hole for analysis. By examining these core samples, scientists and researchers are able to learn more about the earth’s history, determine resource availability, and more. 

It's important to note that a variety of industries perform core drilling. Core samples are studied for a wide range of reasons. Furthermore, core samples are taken from a multitude of different natural substances. These can include rock, ice, dirt, and more. 

The various types of core samples each have their storage requirements. In addition to the different storage environments, pre-storage preparation and curation also play important roles. 

No matter the industry or purpose for drilling core samples, utilizing proper storage is crucial. The scientific and commercial values of any given core may increase as knowledge or awareness about the core samples increase. However, the cores are also subject to a decrease in value if physical degradation results in loss of data and documentation. 

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The Differing Needs of Core Storage Facilities

Researchers have been trusting Alaska Structures to provide custom-designed core storage facilities for nearly 50 years. 

Large mining operations might opt for a single large core storage facility or multiple core storage and logging facilities. These can come complete with viewing rooms, workshops, storage areas, changing areas, offices, and additional workspace for visiting scientists. 

Short-term projects requiring rapidly deployable core shacks for onsite core storage and analysis will appreciate building systems designed to be set up and fully operational in less than 10 minutes. No matter what your research requires, Alaska Structures can provide your organization with a fully customizable and scalable core storage solution to fit your needs. 

Nuances of Core Storage 

To maximize productivity on location or in the field, researchers need a space to perform examinations and measurements of the core samples. 

Geological core storage facilities and core labs allow scientists to examine the possibilities of re-exploring existing field assets. Or after examination, they may choose to form new ones by looking at the geology, sedimentology, petrophysics, and geochemistry of the core samples.

Ice core laboratories and core research locations may include facilities for storing, categorizing, cataloging, and studying ice core samples from glaciated regions around the world. This research helps scientists to better understand the mechanisms that cause climate fluctuations. Currently, millions of cubic feet of rock and ice cores are stored in Alaska Structures’ core storage facilities and core shacks around the world. 

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Custom-Designed Core Storage Facilities

Alaska Structures designs and engineers one-of-a-kind fabric building solutions for any application, including core storage facilities. Nearly every aspect of our tensioned fabric buildings can be customized to meet the unique challenges and needs for any core storage facility requirement.  

Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings are available in  a variety of models and sizes to meet the criteria of anyone looking for space to store and examine core samples. The following building models can be tailored to accommodate any number of scientists, racks for storing core samples, or HVAC units for creating temperature-controlled core storage facilities. Additionally, these fabric buildings can handle any type of science or sampling that needs to be performed.

XPL Series - Expeditionary Shelter Systems for Rapid Setups

Perfect to use in a time crunch, this quonset fabric building design can be fully installed in less than 10 minutes. This series comes in four standard widths, with numerous length options. The interior space ranges from 150 square feet to 800 square feet. 

SQX Series - A Modern Take on the Quonset Hut

Another quonset design, the SQX Series is a single-arch building system that can quickly be set up and either left in-place for year-round use or for temporary core storage facilities. Choose from many widths, ranging from 15 feet to 30 feet. Your core storage building can reach any length requirement you need.

GBX Series - A Gable Arch Building Solution

Single-arch gable buildings are ideal for both temporary and permanent solutions made popular by their vertical side-wall design. The 12-by-20-foot style has been a favorite for small to midsize camps and core storage facilities since 1975. We offer many different widths and custom-designed core storage facilities built to any length.

HGX Series - Heavy-Duty Gable Buildings

Need a fabric building designed for high winds and heavy snow loads? The HGX Series offers rugged durability and unmatched  versatility to meet the needs of any core drilling or core storage application. Width options range between 15 to 30 feet, and can meet any length requirement. 

GTX Series - Double Truss Fabric Buildings

Our highly sought-after double truss fabric buildings offer straight-wall designs with open-span and unobstructed interiors for midsize to large core storage facilities. We offer a nearly endless number of customization options, including personnel and equipment doors for easy loading and unloading of pallets of core storage facilities. 

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The Versatility of Fabric Buildings From Alaska Structures

Each of the above core storage solutions can be custom-designed with hard personnel doors, sliding glass or net vent windows, plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, proprietary insulation packages, and your choice of heating or cooling options to create a one-of-a-kind core storage facility. 

Not only do all of Alaska Structures’ buildings have low-cube packing capabilities for easy transport and storage, they can be ordered with heavy-duty roto-mold containers or carry bag systems to make it even easier to transport and store your core storage facility when not deployed. 

Fabric building systems from Alaska Structures are suitable for use in remote environments with harsh weather conditions. We engineer fabric buildings to meet specific wind and snow loads required by local and international building codes for safety and unmatched durability. 

Our high-performance fabric buildings are made using the highest-quality materials, with the latest in lean manufacturing techniques, and strict quality control processes to create custom-designed fabric buildings capable of enduring prolonged exposure to extreme hot and cold climates.

Fabric building systems from Alaska Structures are designed to be set up on virtually any flat surface. With Alaska Structures, there is no need to worry about creating a foundation. Save money and time with a virtually maintenance-free building solution — unlike the upkeep requirements of maintaining traditional buildings made of wood, steel, and brick

Alaska Structures Is Your Core Storage Facility Provider 

Before your next core drilling excursion begins, contact Alaska Structures to design a core storage facility that meets your exact specifications. 

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