How Pipeline Enclosures Reduce Loss, Protect Assets

Major natural gas and oil pipeline projects are being undertaken around the world. Protecting these critical assets isn't a matter of choice — it's a responsibility.

Alaska Structures has been leading the charge for asset protection and pipeline integrity for 40 years. Our pipeline enclosures protect structures around the world from harsh elements, accidental damage and unwanted intrusions.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Office of Pipeline Safety cites "damage by outside force" as the leading cause of pipeline issues through the nearly 300,000 miles of transmission pipes nationwide. Operators should ensure pipeline integrity above all other considerations. Sabotage, terrorism and illegal tapping are all potential risks. Loss of life, significant revenue loss and potentially irreparable damage to the environment are all at stake.

Security at in-line facilities is already well established, but for the many thousands of miles between, pipeline operators are left with little more than fiber-optic cables to sense problems as they arise. If potential problems are identified early, preventative measures can be taken to avoid costly losses.

As exploration, extraction and processing prices rise and environmental concerns continue to grow, natural resource protection is paramount. A versatile, experienced provider like Alaska Structures can make an enormous difference, providing best-in-class technology and engineering, design services, and a global reach. Our fabric enclosures can easily be moved and reused at another site, providing safety and security wherever your operations take you.

In addition to pipeline enclosures, Alaska Structures manufactures a wide-range of American-made fabric structures for oil and gas exploration and extraction, including:

  • Drilling Enclosures
  • Frac Sand Storage
  • Pump Station Enclosures
  • Dining Facilities
  • Workforce Housing
  • Health Clinics
  • Airplane Hangars

For more information on how Alaska Structures can help you protect your pipeline with enclosures proven in the world’s most extreme climates, call +1-907-344-1565, email or contact us online.

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