Denali Series

Denali Series Building System™

The Denali Building System™ is a revolutionary camp system from Alaska Structures® that is engineered and designed for safe use over multiple projects in any climate. Denali fabric buildings combine spacious interiors with the privacy and comfort of traditional modular and container buildings.

With its smaller shipping volume, a Denali Building System can be airfreighted to remote locations. Denali fabric structures do not require foundations, making them easier to install than wood, metal and brick-and-mortar structures. You can combine Denali-series fabric buildings with other versatile tension fabric membrane structures from Alaska Structures to add workshops, storage, garages, dining facilities, and more to your main camp.

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If you want more information or a quote for a field-tested Denali-Series Building System, use the form on the right to fill out an online request or call +1-907-344-1565 to speak with a building specialist.

Do More With a Denali

Denali Building Systems are engineered fabric membranes for long field-life in extreme climates and inclement weather, making them uniquely suited for an incredible range of commercial, industrial, and governmental applications, including:

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Common Specs

  • Width: 24’ (7.32m) of internal space
  • Lengths: Multiple
  • Eave: 7’ (2.13m)
  • Peak: 12’8” (3.89m)
  • Frame type: Aluminum, square tube
  • Powder coating: Gray
  • Vinyl: 18oz commercial
  • Colors: Red, gray, white, blue, tan and green
  • Insulated wood floor system built using heat-treated / pressure-treated beams and heat-treated decks. Flooring includes a vapor barrier and is insulated to R-13. Interior floor areas are covered with linoleum.

Choose a Great Denali Design

With a wide range of design options, choosing the right Denali Building System for your needs is easy. Denali buildings come with several standard layout options offering multiple square footage room choices. Each Denali fabric membrane structure has interior space that is 24 feet (7.32m) wide and available in multiple lengths, making them ideal for camps of up to 5,000 people.

These high-quality fabric buildings feature mudroom entrances, central corridors, and two outdoor porches. You can choose several window and door packages. Each Denali building includes a portable HVAC system and can be designed to accommodate various insulation systems for comfortable interior temperatures in extreme environments.

Engineered and designed for use over multiple projects, these rugged fabric buildings have been successfully tested to withstand several setup and takedown cycles with no major structural damage. The Denali’s plug-and-play electrical system reduces the amount of time and manpower required for setup, which cuts down on construction costs.

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