Fabric Building Design Services

Alaska Structures® is the world’s premiere fabric building and modular building manufacturer for industries around the world. No other prefabricated building company comes close to matching the expertise and experience gained from engineering and manufacturing more than 65,000 fabric structures, since opening our doors in 1975.

Alaska Structures offers industry-leading design services as well as independently tested and certified engineering for snow loads and wind loads. All our engineered fabric buildings adhere to the latest IBC Building Code, ASCE/SEI 7, and AISC standards of design and construction.

Alaska Structures building specialists will work with you or your project manager to choose from a large selection of field-tested building designs that can be equipped with lighting kits, electrical systems, power distribution units (PDU), HVAC systems, environmental control units (ECU) and more. You can further customize your Alaska Structures fabric building with a wide variety of door and window packages, as well as hard walls for room dividers, vertical sidewalls for added height or soft-wall partitions for greater privacy and comfort.

Other benefits of choosing Alaska Structures include:

  • Lower logistics costs because of expert planning and low-cube packaging
  • Quick build times with minimal site preparation and foundation requirements
  • Energy-efficient buildings with proprietary insulation systems
  • Multipurpose buildings suitable for applications across multiple projects and industries
  • In-house powder coating for added corrosion protection
  • Extreme portability with easy set-up and takedown

Alaska Structures' engineers and designers have the technical knowhow and communication skills to handle most if not all design and engineering work by phone or email. For larger, more complex projects, Alaska Structures can visit your project site and assist with site analysis, foundation requirements and design. Alaska Structures' field installation teams are knowledgeable, thorough and work efficiently and professionally with project managers, site directors and construction managers to ensure that your fabric building and/or camp system is installed quickly, safely and to your specifications.

Alaska Structures offers several fabric building models and products, including:

Alaska Structures creates fabric buildings that have been field-tested for safe use and longevity in the world’s most extreme climates. Tensioned membrane structures from Alaska Structures offer an unmatched level of safety, durability and reliability.  Alaska Structures is the leading provider of quick-erect shelter systems to the United States Military and Coalition Forces, as well as to mining companies, universities, research organizations, businesses and governments in more than 85 countries.

Every engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures is custom designed to create instant structures for an incredible variety of applications, including:

  • Modular Buildings for Workforce Housing and Accommodation
  • Hygiene Facilities
  • Dining Halls
  • Mobile Offices and Field Offices
  • Bulk Material Storage Facilities (including Frac-Sand Storage Facilities)
  • Garages and Equipment Storage Facilities
  • Maintenance and Repair Facilities
  • Workshops and Fabrication Facilities
  • On-site Warehousing and General Storage Facilities
  • Airport Terminals and Airport Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Shelter for Mineral Exploration and Mining Camps
  • Buildings for Public Works
  • Portable Camps for Remote Locations
  • Emergency Shelters and Survival Shelters
  • Turnkey Camp Systems
  • Construction Camps for Oil and Gas Projects

For more information about the design services available at Alaska Structures, or to speak with an Alaska Structures building specialist, please contact us via our online contact form or call +1-907-344-1565.