Oil & Gas Fabric Buildings

Oil & Gas Buildings, Pipeline Fabrication Structures & Warehousing Facilities

Alaska Structures® — the world’s premiere fabric building manufacturer since 1975 — provides rugged fabric structures used in the oil & gas industry. Alaska Structures expertly engineers its pipeline enclosures, pump station enclosures, construction camps, remote camps, and facilities for workforce housing to the latest IBC Building Code, ASCE/SEI 7, and AISC standards of design and construction.

Our tension membrane structures for the oil & gas industry are:

The GTX Series of gable truss buildings are Alaska Structures’ largest fabric tensioned structures. Ranging from 16 feet to 150 feet wide and any length, GTX Series buildings are uniquely suited for use as warehouses and other large-scale applications.

The revolutionary Denali Series of fabric buildings allows oil and gas companies the ability to quickly establish construction camps with on-site facilities for field offices, workforce housing, and hygiene facilities. The Denali Building System can be equipped with hard-wall systems for greater comfort and privacy. MTX Series buildings are uniquely suited for on-site maintenance and repair facilities and workshops.

Possible applications of Alaska Structures fabric buildings for the oil & gas industry include:

Alaska Structures offer incredible longevity because they’re 100 percent made in the USA from the highest-quality materials. Our architectural membranes and high-strength frame  systems require little to no maintenance and can last for decades in any environment. Alaska Structures manufactures its framing systems using lightweight aluminum or galvanized steel.

Design Options for Oil and Gas Buildings

Easy installation and incredible portability make Alaska Structures fabric buildings superior alternatives to wood, steel or brick-and-mortar structures. Our tensioned membrane structures also offer a wide range of other benefits, including:

  • Low-Cube Shipping
  • Field and Laboratory Tested Designs
  • Custom Build Structures to Meet Specific Building Requirements
  • Free Span Interiors
  • Shorter Build Times and Lower Construction Costs
  • Project Management Services
  • Minimal Foundation Requirements
  • Secure Anchoring to Any Surface
  • Door and Window Packages
  • Optional In-House Powder Coating for Corrosive Environments

Alaska Structures offers a large selection of design options to increase energy-efficiency including translucent skylight material to utilize natural light and reduce energy usage for lighting during the day. Propriety insulation systems can be added to any Alaska Structures building system to meet any R-value of thermal resistance, reducing heating and/or cooling costs. Our engineered fabric structures can be equipped with plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, as well rugged environmental control units and HVAC systems.


Use Of Fabric Structures In Oil & Gas Exploration
Fabric Structures can be useful in all stages of oil & gas exploration operations and have several benefits for the oil & gas industry, including reduced costs, offering protection from the elements, portability, and limited foundation requirements.

Fabric Buildings for Oil & Gas, Mineral Exploration and Mining
The engineering and construction of Alaska Structures' fabric buildings provide the protection needed to keep oil, gas, and other mineral assets safe. Each structure's operating systems and portable capacity extends the applications for these fabric structures.

Alaska Structures Pipeline Enclosures Used Around the World
Civil, petroleum, and mining industries require specialized systems for protection of their assets. From pipeline welding enclosures to overland, portable, and bulk handling conveyors, these systems must perform to a high standard in any climate.

Frac-Sand Production Poised for Increase Despite Falling Oil Prices
The proppant industry is looking at annual production increases in the double digits, even while frac-sand prices rise. As production increases, suitable storage facilities will be necessary to protect and maintain quality throughout the transportation process.

Oil & Gas Mega Refinery Featuring Fabric Structures - 3D Rendering

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