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Guide to Workforce Accommodations in Remote Locations

Work sites in the mining, mineral exploration, oil and gas, construction, natural resources, and research industries are often located in remote areas that tend to have harsh climates and less than optimum conditions. Such work sites tend to be geographically isolated, and not easily accessed by road – often requiring days of travel
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The Advances of Technology & Methods of Future Mining Operations

Workforces, processes, and advances in technology are constantly changing and evolving industries around the world. When used to streamlined processes or increase efficiency, technology can make the difference for a business being more successful than competitors that are slower to adopt and implement new technologies. The mining industry is no exception. Though the
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Mining, Mineral Exploration and Environmental Cleanup

The products and fuel produced from oil, gas and other mineral resources play a critical role in economic stability and industrial function. However, the processes of finding, mining and/or producing and transporting these resources may have negative consequences in terms of environmental wellbeing. There have been numerous advances in technology and supply chain
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Expandable GTX-Series Fabric Structures

It’s important to have proper shelter for equipment and employees when working out in the elements. You want to protect workers and the machines to operate our business at maximum efficiency. Not doing so will results in setbacks that increase operating costs, causing a loss in profits. GTX Series Buildings are a good option in maintaining the health of workers and the longevity of the machines. The buildings have a host of standard and custom features that ensure they will protect assets. The GTX Series buildings can be used in most industries, giving you flexibility and many possibilities.

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Mining Operations Cutting Costs with Budget-Friendly Fabric Buildings

Australia's mining industry is suffering serious losses, which will lead to operation cuts and job losses. Reports say the industry is facing one of its most difficult periods. Leaders in the industry must find solutions to maximize efficiency while cutting costs. Fabric buildings provide a solution to the industry crisis Australia is currently facing. Fabric buildings are a lot cheaper to set up and maintain than traditional buildings. This allows managers to build mining sites at a lower cost. Alaska Structures offer two fabric buildings the MTX and HGX series. Both are portable, durable, and customizable to address mining needs.

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Why Customization and Design Flexibility are Paramount to Mining Facilities

Mining operations can be costly and difficult, leaving managers looking for ways to increase productivity. A fast-pace industry, often operations must move from site to site with the equipment. Because of this, customization and design flexibility is important to protect equipment and have mobility. Traditionally, sites have used concrete and steel buildings to perform their mining tasks. Concrete and steel buildings are definitely durable, but don’t leave room for site to site movement. Fabric buildings are durable as well as portable, for maximum efficiency. This guide highlights the strengths and weaknesses of mining buildings to find the best solution for mining operators.

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The Importance of Reliable Mining Equipment, Storage, and Maintenance Facilities

As technology advances, mining operators rely on it more to help managing their sites. One tool can now predict time-to-failure of mining machines, however it is expensive. It relies on sensors and scientists to decode the data. Managers may not be able to make room for IT solutions in their operational budgets, but can still monitor their machines. Using the RAM metric can help prevent machine breakdowns. With proper upkeep, machines will last to their full potential, while failure time predictions do nothing for the machines. Updating buildings is the first step in upkeeping machines since they protect them; strength and durability are key.

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