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Fabric Structures Dining Facility Cafeteria

Rethinking Dining Facilities – Alternative Solutions With Fabric Building Systems

Dining facilities are necessary for virtually every remote commercial or industrial operation. Personnel need a place that’s safe from the elements to dine comfortably whether they’re in Antarctica at a research facility encampment or at a mining camp in the mineral-rich regions of Canada. 

The harsh weather conditions often found in these remote areas of the world combined with the specific needs of remote operations present a unique challenge. Traditional buildings don’t offer the portability that many short-term encampments require, and off-the-shelf tents are inappropriate for tough climates and don’t support the functional needs of a full-service dining facility

However, dining facilities from Alaska Structures® are highly durable, versatile solutions that provide an unmatched level of portability for easy deployment in the most rugged environments.

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Benefits of Engineered Fabric Structures for Dining Facilities

Dining facility from Alaska Structures
An Alaska Structures dining hall / cafeteria with skylights and ventilation

Versatile and Customizable Dining Facilities

Our engineered fabric buildings are applicable for a multitude of purposes, including dining halls, mess halls, kitchens, and cafeterias. 

We also offer customizable designs for greater flexibility when choosing the size and interior layout of your fabric structure, with options for skylights, windows, partition systems, and doors to create the functionality and aesthetics that match your needs.

Our uniquely tailored fabric structures are manufactured to suit individual needs whether you require a large dining facility to accommodate hundreds of people, or a smaller fabric shelter that provides a comfortable eating space for a few workers. 

Our fabric building systems have expansion capabilities that can accommodate growing group numbers if more people are brought on for a project, unlike traditionally constructed buildings.

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High-Strength Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures’ engineered fabric building solutions are built to last. Independent, third-party tests and thousands of customers have proven and confirmed that our fabric structures can endure prolonged use in the harshest climates and weather conditions in the world.  

Any of our fabric structures can be insulated, including our SuperLayer™ and EnerLayer™ systems for increasing energy efficiency and interior comfort. 

Here are some additional technical features of our resilient fabric structures:

  • Custom-built structures to meet your dining facility requirement
  • Engineered to meet specific wind and snow loads required by local or international building code (IBC) for safety
  • Fast and economical shipping to anywhere in the world — especially when compared to the cost of shipping job site trailers, metal buildings, as well as other prefabricated building systems
  • Minimal foundation and tool requirements for a fast and easy installation by skilled or unskilled labor — certified technicians are not required for installation
  • Weatherproof design to protect equipment, staff, and workers from the elements
  • Support systems designed to seamlessly integrate with any fabric building from Alaska Structures to increase energy-efficiency and interior comfort, including lighting and electrical systems, HVAC, insulation systems, modular flooring, and much more!
Alaska Structures Portable Kitchen and Dining Facility
Kitchen and cafeteria in an Alaska Structures fabric building

Rapidly Deployable Dining Facilities

The portability of our fabric buildings is unrivaled. While job site trailers and container-based systems claim to be mobile, when transporting to remote locations the logistical burden and cost can skyrocket. Our low-cube packaging allows our customers to efficiently transport their dining facility to their job site and quickly install a large dining hall in a fraction of the time compared to other building systems, including steel buildings.

If you are looking for a building solution that is quick to assemble, fast to take down, and easy to transport or store, then an engineered fabric building from Alaska Structures is the superior choice.

Our dining structures can fulfill the needs for temporary dining halls for seasonal projects or be used as a permanent dining hall to support long-term operations in remote and rugged locations.

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Contact Us to Discuss Your Dining Facility Needs

Every camp, regardless of the location or the type of operation, needs a mess hall for personnel to safely nourish themselves. The benefits of fabric structures make them ideal for use as dining facilities.

For more information about Alaska Structures or our industry-leading fabric building solutions, send us an email or complete our online inquiry form!

Alaska Structures
Alaska Structures® is the world's leading provider of engineered fabric building and turnkey camp systems. Our modular buildings are proudly made in the U.S. and designed to meet area-specific wind and snow loads required by local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) for safety. No other fabric-building provider comes close to matching our level of expertise or experience.

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