Quonset Huts – The SQX Series

Meet the SQX: Quonset Hut Solutions from Alaska Structures

Alaska Structures creates the world’s safest and most versatile portable and permanent fabric building solutions. Our SQX Series of quonset huts continues our tradition of offering rugged shelter systems that are tough enough to stand up to the world’s most extreme climates. Alaska Structures takes the time-tested quonset hut design that has been used for years, and turns it into a high-tech fabric building system. Originally made out of corrugated steel for military purposes, quonset huts have been adapted by Alaska Structures into the perfect lightweight yet incredibly strong shelter solution for extreme environments.

Alaska Structures SQX-Series Medical Shelters and Field Hospitals
We use rugged thermoplastic fabrics and high-strength metal framing systems tailored to your intended application, as well as snow loads, wind loads, humidity, and high/low temperatures specific to your location. You won't find a more durable fabric building. Our available insulated quonset huts can't be beaten in terms of heat retention, or snow load capacity per square inch.

You can quickly and safely install our SQX Series quonset buildings with minimal site preparation and securely fasten them to any surface. Every Alaska Structures building we produce meets or exceeds local and international building codes. We make each SQX Series tension fabric structure in the United States using industry leading engineering and design principals. Independent third-part experts test and certify our engineering, ensuring that it meets our demanding standards and yours.

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Versatile SQX Series Quonset Buildings

No matter your location or industry, Alaska Structures' SQX Series provides the most durable quonset huts to meet your needs. Our SQX Series quonset hut is ideally suited for standalone use or as part of a larger camp system. Some of the many applications of the SQX Series include:

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SQX Specifications

The Alaska Structures SQX Series quonset hut is available in hundreds of sizes and configurations. Here are a few of the most common dimensions:

  • Widths: 15’ (4.57m), 16’ (4.88m), 18’ (5.49m), 20’ (6.10m), 22’ (6.71m), 24’ (7.32m), 26’ (7.92m), 30’ (9.14m)
  • Lengths: Any length


  • Galvanized steel

Anchoring System Options:

  • 1/2" x 18" (1.27cm x 45.72cm) spikes for earth or asphalt
  • Duckbill earth anchors
  • Lag bolts for wood frames or platforms
  • Concrete Anchors: 3/8” x 5” (0.95cm x 12.7cm) wedge anchor
  • Ballast bars for weight anchors

Cover/End Wall Fabric:
18 oz. vinyl fabric with tension system

Load Specifications:
Alaska Structures SQX Series quonset buildings are engineered, designed, and tested for extreme wind and heavy snow loads.

Engineering Technical Input/References:

  • 2012 IBC Building Code
  • ASCE/SEI 7 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures
  • AISC Manual of Steel Construction, 14th Ed.
  • AISC Design Guide 24: Hollow Structural Sections Connection Manual

Color Options:
Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Tan, White, Yellow

Experience SQX Series Design Excellence

SQX Series quonset huts from Alaska Structures are fully engineered fabric structures that feature incredible design options. With hundreds of configuration and size combinations, you get to choose a quonset that is uniquely suited to your specific needs and applications.

Creating an SQX Series fabric structure to accommodate proprietary insulation, HVAC, and electrical systems is easy. Our low-cube packaging options allow for rapid, economical shipping. You can also choose from an amazing variety of window and door options that have been field-tested for reliability and utility. Alaska Structures offers several anchoring options for use no matter where you install your SQX Series building.

We design every SQX Series Quonset for hundreds of setup and takedown cycles without structural damage, making them the most reliable fabric structures with the lowest life cycle cost on the market.

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