Geophysical Exploration Facilities

With nearly 50 years of experience providing tension fabric structures to mining, mineral exploration, research facilities, and many other industries, Alaska Structures® is the leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial tension fabric buildings. Our structures offer critical facilities for geophysical exploration, specifically designed and sized for a wide range of on-site applications. They can be used for workforce housing, research and operations facilities, equipment maintenance and/or storage buildings, and virtually any other building or structure type required.

Alaska Structures Fabric Buildings for Geophysical Exploration Are:

  • Highly portable for easy transport to different sites for magnetic, radiometric, and electromagnetic surveys and prospecting
  • Proven to be durable and long-lasting in any environment or climate
  • Tested and certified by an independent third party to withstand extreme weather (high winds and heavy snow loads)
  • Completely customizable with near-endless design and sizing options

Tension Membrane Structures for all Aspects of Geophysical Exploration:

The SQX-Series of quonset huts from Alaska Structures are ideal, rugged shelter solutions for worksite camps and temporary housing, as well as more long-term applications for lodging or operations. For migrant geophysical exploration and mobile surveys, the quick-erect shelters in our XPL-Series offer the speedy setup necessary to keep work efficient and safe, even in inclement weather. The Alaska Structures MTX-Series of tension fabric buildings are also ideally suited to effectively support geophysical exploration - including sensitive survey and testing equipment. This series of fabric structures work well as maintenance facilities or any other situation that requires a 40 foot wide interior that offers secure storage and protection from the elements.

Geophysical Exploration Building Design Options:

Our building specialists offer design services to facilitate the creation of the ideal building and/or building system for your geophysical exploration operations. Choose from hundreds of options in design, size and add-on features, such as systems for power generation & distribution, environmental control, auxiliary insulation, lighting & electrical, and more.

Benefits of Alaska Structures Buildings for Geophysical Exploration Include:

  • Reduced build times and construction costs
  • Incredibly durable, long-lasting engineering and materials
  • Shipped with low-cube packaging
  • Minimal foundation and site preparation requirements
  • Maximum interior space with free-span architecture
  • Versatile design for an endless array of uses
  • Translucent fabrics to allow in natural light and reduce electricity usage during the day
  • Proprietary insulation packages for increased energy efficiency and thermal resistance
  • Extensive list of product options to customize and increase facility effectiveness and energy-efficiency

Alaska Structures also offers supporting services such as installation assistance, logistics, and project management.

For more information on fabric buildings for geophysical exploration or to order your Alaska Structures fabric buildings today, call +1-907-344-1565, email, or contact us online.

Mineral Exploration Camp Buildings - 20' x 50' & 12' x 20' - 3D Rendering

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