Defy the Arctic with Camp Systems from Alaska Structures

Companies and organizations that devise and deploy arctic exploration and research expeditions need gear and equipment they can rely on. When surviving the most dangerous conditions on earth is in your future, you need Alaska Structures' turnkey camp systems.

Born on the northern slopes of Alaska, Alaska Structures fabric buildings have been used for over 40 years to defy the Arctic’s deadly cold. Our proprietary insulation systems are implemented in all our fabric building products and can be designed to any R-value or thermal resistance needed. The small, low-cube shipping containers can also reduce your logistics time and save your operation money. Every second you can spare is critical in such harsh environments and the faster you can pack, ship, and redeploy your camps and equipment, the safer and cheaper your operation will be.

To protect against the elements, our tension membrane structures use heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabrics and support systems that can withstand extreme cold, wind conditions, and heavy snow loads. Our engineering efforts are unmatched in the industry - only Alaska Structures enlists third-party engineering teams to verify our designs and ensure your team has the protection it needs to operate and survive in dangerous Arctic conditions.

Every fabric building design can be upgraded with plug-and-play electrical systems that reduce setup time and are built for use by general laborers, reducing the need for on-site electricians. Every fabric building meets National Electrical Code standards for temporary installations and can be fit for either North American or European power distribution systems.

To speak with a sales representative about an Alaska Structures Arctic Exploration and Research turnkey camp system, call us at +1-907-344-1565, email, or contact us online.

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