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Alaska Structures GTX-Series Aircraft Hangars

Constructing Airports and Facilities

Airports are important hubs housing passengers, cargo, airplanes, and vehicles. When planning an airport, it is complex and expensive, due to the many needs and services it must accommodate. While the complex nature of airports won’t change, good planning and flexible materials can make building an airport less costly. One way to lower costs is to use fabric buildings instead of traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. Fabric buildings are great for aircraft and cargo storage, passenger shelter, terminal buildings, and advanced systems. Fabric buildings are already part of the designs of some modern airports today. For example, the Denver International Airport uses fabric buildings and well known for it’s design. As airports receive updates and advance, fabric buildings find themselves as part of new designs.

Fabric Building Aircraft Hangar Interior

Aircraft Hangar Buyer’s Guide

Buying an aircraft hangar is a huge investment with lots of factors to consider. Obviously your budget will affect your decision, but it’s important to consider the needs of your aircraft. Determine the basic needs for your aircraft to see what hangars are available to support those needs. The first consideration is location. Location can affect the cost of your project if you lease space or need to build roads, strips etc. Design type is the next factor. Pre-made options may be cheaper, but custom design may be needed if you have special aircraft. The layout is also an important factor, to maximize space for however many aircraft you must store. The materials you use such as door types, fabrics, and sheeting also determine the price of your hangar. You also must make sure your hangar is up to code and on proper foundation. Location plays a role in this as well because it often affects building requirements. This guide can help you consider all these factors to make the best purchase for your needs.

Fabric structure aircraft hangar with airplane in doorway

Aircraft Hangar Options

If you own an airplane or other aircraft, you have a huge asset that needs protection from the elements. An Aircraft Hangar will provide this protection to secure your investment, and you have many options when choosing a hangar. One option is to use a fabric structure to protect your aircraft. Alaska Structures provides fabric structures, tested in harsh conditions for their strength, that are fast to set up. In addition to fast setup, these structures are customizable and cheaper than a brick-and-mortar style hangar. Learn more about the benefits of using the fabric aircraft hangars some government agencies have chosen to use.

Industrial warehouse fabric building in the arctic.

Fabric Buildings & Energy Efficiency

You may have your operations housed in an old building, wasting energy and driving up costs due to poor insulation, etc. Before you begin upgrades, it’s important to explore all your options for repairing an old structure or building a new one. Sometimes repairing an old structure can be just as expensive as building a new one, and both take a lot of time. Another option is to use a fabric building to support your operations, as they are fast and easy to setup. In addition, they are typically less costly than upgrades or a building a brick-and-mortar structure. Alaska Structures designs fabric structures with a host of benefits and ways to save and increase energy efficiency.

Green Building Practices With Alaska Structures

Nationally and globally there have been efforts to reduce waste and pollution on our planet, including the recent Paris Agreement. With global warming and new legislation, operations must use energy-efficient and eco-friendly buildings to help the planet and avoid lawsuits. Green buildings efficiently use energy, protect occupant health and reduce waste and pollution according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Alaska Structures offers a solution for operations managers that will follow EPA standards while not increasing operation costs a lot. Their fabric structures are equipped with lots of options that cut down energy costs, are reusable, and comfortable for employees to work in.

Fabric structure aircraft hangar with airplane in doorway

Explore the World with Our Fly-In Camps and Aircraft Hangars

World travelers love new experiences and sites but may not love the logistics of traveling. Travel can be especially troublesome for those who fly their own aircraft around the world because they need a place to store it. One solution is to used portable fabric structures to serve as an aircraft hangar. Alaska Structures makes these buildings that are easy and quick to deploy that travelers can take with them as they go. There is even the option of using a hard-shell case for the structure to protect it from falls or other damage while traveling. These are just a few benefits of using fabric structures for aircraft protection while on the go.