How TV Sets and Movie Production Facilities Can Use Fabric Structures

Odds are, if you’re a director or producer for TV or movies, you often work best when you have free rein on your set. You thrive when you’re working in a production facility that lets you realize your creative vision — without frustrating restrictions. 

But not all TV and movie production facilities are created equal.

You deserve a workspace that minimizes your restrictions and maximizes your room for creation. And engineered fabric structures from Alaska Structures® do just that!

Whether you use them in a frame or behind the scenes, engineered fabric structures for TV sets and movie sets give directors and producers more freedom, so they can focus on doing what they do best.

Fabric Structures on Camera

Many directors and producers are challenged with finding the right props to make a set come alive.  

Having realistic-looking props is key to immersing the audience in the story’s atmosphere. But opting to buy real props isn’t always a viable option with a budget-driven production.

As a result, some creators build their own props instead. But it’s no secret that this can be time-consuming. 

When it comes to creating viewable content that is engaging and requires a remote camp for a location here on Earth, Mars, or another sci-fi based location, an emergency medical facility to quarantine and treat infected patients, or military shelters for a movie inspired by real military events, there is one solution: Alaska Structures. 

Alaska Structures has supported movie creators for years by providing custom-designed fabric structures for their sets. Our modular building systems are the perfect solution for creators who want to use real fabric structures as props.

What Kinds of TV and Movies Use Fabric Structures on Set?

If you’ve never heard of fabric structures before, you might wonder what kinds of projects use them. Off-camera, fabric structures are used for any of the following:

So, any TV or movie project that needs a realistic structure like one of these can use a fabric structure on their set. 

For example, Alaska Structures have appeared on screen in the following movies: 

From sci-fi and action to war and adventure, fabric structures for movie sets can serve as props in a wide range of genres to make sets more realistic. 

Fabric Structures for TV Sets and Movie Production Facilities 

Outside of their on-screen appearances, fabric structures are very useful for creators off camera too. Here are just a few of the ways fabric structures can be used behind the scenes as TV and movie production facilities.

Prop-Building and Prop-Storage Space

When fabric structures aren’t acting as the star of the set, they can help protect the props that are. This is especially useful for large or fragile props.

For instance, if your project is anything like Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989) or Jaws (1975), your team may be tasked with building animatronic props. Ideally, teams that work with expensive props like these should be able to put them together and store them in a space that is:

  • Close to set. That way, you won’t have to pay to move it (or worse, risk breaking it en-route).
  • Available anytime. For tight project timelines, waiting for a space to be available for building or storage is not an option. 
  • Weather-resistant. Your props are expensive. Don’t let the elements ruin your hard work and set back your budget.
  • Readied with electrical outlets. If you’re building props, places to plug in lighting and power tools are essential.
  • Large enough for equipment. You’ll need an entryway that your equipment and largest props can move in and out of.

Fabric structures have all of these qualities and more, making them the perfect prop building and storage space for TV and movie production facilities.

Wardrobe and Makeup Studios

Next, fabric structures can serve as a spacious wardrobe and makeup studio. Alaska Structures’ Denali Building System™ offers an ideal space for your cast and crew, including the following:

  • A spacious interior. The width of each fabric structure is 24 feet. That’s triple the width of a typical makeup and wardrobe trailer — ideal for safely adhering to COVID-19 social distancing requirements.   
  • Temperature control. With its insulation and portable HVAC system, your cast and crew will have cost-effective comfort in any weather. 
  • Personal changing rooms. One fabric structure can have multiple personal changing rooms, letting you avoid bringing a fleet of trailers to set.
  • Bathrooms. Hygiene facilities equipped with toilets / urinals, sinks, and showers.
  • An easy electrical system. The plug-and-play electrical system makes everything from lighting to plugging in a hairdryer simple. 

On-Site Dining Areas

Believe it or not, one of the most important TV and movie production facilities on-set is the dining area.

For days with long and/or hard shoots, food keeps your cast and crew energetic and motivated with high morale. Providing them with dining facilities can make all the difference in the quality of your project because they impact how your team performs all day long. 

Alaska Structures’ dining facilities are perfect for a team of any size. They’re completely customizable for your specific needs, so your crew will be able to eat in comfort and perform at their best.

Sanitation Stations

Finally, fabric structures can be used as on-set sanitation stations. Even during a global pandemic, the show must go on. After all, TV is a major news source for the world. 

While TV production teams are hard at work delivering us news and entertainment, they deserve to be safe. And that’s where fabric structures for TV and movie sets come in. 

Producers and directors can use fabric structures to build a sanitation station on set. The building can do the following:

  • Store personal protective equipment for the cast and crew.
  • Store cleaning and sanitation supplies used on set.
  • Offer a space for cast and crew members to regularly wash their hands.
  • Serve as a temperature-check station for individuals before they come onto the set.    

Three Benefits of Fabric Structures for TV and Movie Production Facilities

Here are just a few of the many benefits to using fabric structures for TV sets and movie production facilities.

Long-Lasting for Repeat Use

Are you producing a TV or film series that needs to shoot at many locations? If so, fabric structures are an ideal choice. 

After all, it’s a hassle to book new facilities for every location your team travels to. Instead, save time and money with fabric structures. You’ll only have to go through the purchasing process once! This is because each fabric structure is built to be long-lasting, so it can withstand many cycles of set-up and break-down. 

Durable in Any Weather

Trailers can be difficult and expensive to keep temperature-controlled, especially when facing extreme heat or cold. 

On the other hand, Alaska Structures’ proprietary insulation systems increase energy efficiency while providing a comfortable space for your crew — even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Portable, With Easy Setup and Disassembly

If your team needs to shoot in a remote location, driving a trailer to the set can be dangerous or even impossible. 

By contrast, fabric structures are much easier to transport. So, you can set up your buildings safely wherever and whenever you’d like. No more hunting down an existing structure tied to a fixed location. Now, creators have the flexibility to shoot on their own terms. Plus, Alaska Structures makes portable buildings that can be set up in as little as 10 minutes!

Start Designing Your TV and Movie Production Facilities

Alaska Structures makes custom-designing TV sets and movie production facilities simple. Our friendly building specialists will walk you through every step of the design and purchasing process. Just tell us your vision, and we’ll help you realize it.

Once your design is complete, your fabric structures will be shipped directly to your location. On top of that, our low-cube packaging reduces the costs of shipments, helping you stay within budget. 

Your fabric structures can be easily set up in a matter of minutes or hours (depending on the building size and configuration) without a traditional construction crew. However, we can send a crew to help you set up your production facilities if you’d prefer.

If you’re ready to start designing or if you have any questions, contact us today! We’re excited to help you create a custom set that meets all of your needs.

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