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Social Distancing Measures to Help Reopen Schools

Educators, parents, and students around the country are wondering when schools will reopen after closures due to COVID-19. While no simple answer to their questions exists, reopening dates will depend largely on schools’ ability to follow federal guidelines, including actions related to health and safety and ongoing monitoring. Social distancing measures figure prominently
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Operating Remote Camps During COVID-19

Implementing measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 has come as a challenge to communities around the world, but is especially complicated for remote camp systems. How can man camps — which often consist of hundreds or even a thousand-plus workers in close quarters — stem disease spread and prevent a potentially catastrophic
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How to Set Up a Drive-Through Testing Station

As the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 continues to spread, it’s becoming increasingly clear that widespread testing is a prerequisite to virus containment and any return to normal life. Drive-through testing centers have quickly presented themselves as an effective option for low-risk testing, but setting up these centers requires tactical considerations. Learn
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Health & Safety Best Practices for Man Camps

Industries such as mining and mineral exploration, oil and gas, construction, and research often require work in remote locations, prompting the creation of temporary or long-term workforce accommodations, generally referred to as “man camps.” Far from any outside development, many man camps become mini cities of their own, forced to provide their own
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