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The Future of Airport Construction: Engineered Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures offers custom-built engineered fabric structures for various airport facilities and operations. These buildings are highly engineered for heavy-duty uses, and last a long time for both temporary and more permanent needs. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions, protecting equipment and aircraft assets from the elements. They can also be installed and set up far more quickly than the construction time required for brick-and-mortar buildings, significantly cutting construction costs as well as timelines.

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Protect Equipment With Commercial Storage Buildings and Warehouses

The bigger the equipment, the bigger the problems that may arise. The last thing you want to encounter when on a tight schedule is an essential piece of machinery breaking down and halting operations. Beyond the setbacks in time, the cost of repairs and/or replacements add to your overhead, cutting into profits. Read more

Modular Classrooms Help Schools Keep Up With Increased Enrollment

Class size directly affects how much attention individual students get at school. While not the only factor at play, a poor student/teacher ratio can diminish student’s potential progress. While this connection is clear, many school districts are forced to continue to expand class sizes as budget constraints limit hiring additional teachers and prevent expanding existing
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Guide to Machinery Maintenance & Heavy Equipment Repair

The demand for heavy machinery and equipment has increased for a variety of industries over the past several years. While this is great news for businesses in industries such as construction, mining, oil & gas and renewable energy, for those who depend on the ongoing reliability and operation of their machinery, it also
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Benefits of Fabric Structures for Logging Truck Wash Bays

A good wash can keep your logging truck and trailer looking good, as well as adding years of life. Left unwashed, corrosion begins wearing down different parts of a truck. As is the same in any wear-and-tear situation, poor maintenance usually results in extra costs for repairs and/or replacements.   For loggers,
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