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Benefits of Fabric Structures for Logging Truck Wash Bays

A good wash can keep your logging truck and trailer looking good, as well as adding years of life. Left unwashed, corrosion begins wearing down different parts of a truck. As is the same in any wear-and-tear situation, poor maintenance usually results in extra costs for repairs and/or replacements.   For loggers,
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Mining, Mineral Exploration and Environmental Cleanup

The products and fuel produced from oil, gas and other mineral resources play a critical role in economic stability and industrial function. However, the processes of finding, mining and/or producing and transporting these resources may have negative consequences in terms of environmental wellbeing. There have been numerous advances in technology and supply chain
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PDAC 2015 Reveals Industry Concerns

The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada puts on the world's largest trade show for mining and ore exploration. PDAC 2015 centered on finding ways to get past looming issues in the mining field. They featured a TSX-Series Portable cabin as a way of addressing one of the issues surrounding mineral and mining exploration. The issue, very high operating costs and not getting a return to support these costs. With billions at stake, the Canadian government is working to help with this issue. Tax credits and lowering the cost of operations (one way is by using portable systems) can help the struggling industry.

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Check Us Out at PDAC 2015

If you are someone who works in the mining industry, it’s important to be aware of the new trends and advances in the field. Like any business, you must have the best tools to remain competitive in the field. The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada hold it’s annual convention in Toronto, March 1st - 4th, with leading developers in the field to show their work. Alaska Structures will be there to showcase their fabric structures and new raised flooring system. You can check out the new features at our booth, number 1315, located right of the main entrance.

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What’s YOUR Special Sauce?

Good Burger and Big Macs with the “secret sauce,” show what one special ingredient can do for a burger. It not only makes the burger tastier, but sets it apart from the rest, increasing its demand in the market. This idea of “secret sauce” applies to businesses in all industries, because every business needs something to set it above the competition. The market for fabric buildings is just as competitive as any other, and manufacturers must appeal to managers of many types of operations. Alaska Structures has created its own special sauce to ensure they have the best product on the market. Can you find the secret?

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2015 Commercial Construction Forecast

Industry analysts are forecasting a busy 2015 for commercial construction. Alaska Structures™ is ready to provide your company with best-selling fabric building solutions specifically engineered for construction applications.
Construction industry analysts forecast a busy market for 2015, with boosts in production needs. Public works, commercial building, single-family homes, and multi-family homes will all see at least 5% boosts in production this year. If you work in these construction businesses are you ready to meet the production demands for 2015? You can plan your operations with fabric buildings from Alaska Structures. Fabric buildings are durable and are very versatile; they can serve almost any business operation. With production needs growing quickly, you may not have the time or money to build operation bases so soon. With a fabric building, you can set up operations quickly and for a lower-cost than traditional buildings; just two ways these structures can help!

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Follow Alaska Structures on Social Media

Alaska Structures designs some of the strongest fabric buildings and structures, used in many different commercial industries. Although they opened business in 1975, they aren’t stuck in the past and evolved their products and brand over time. This includes the use of blogs with original content, and social media, where you can fully engage with them and other customers who use their products. Check out Alaska Structures’ social media pages to stay up to date and learn more about their camp systems, buildings, hangars and other products to use for your business needs.

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