Portable Buildings for Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance

Heavy machinery and equipment is the heart of operations at industrial and commercial jobsites. When this equipment isn’t performing effectively, or is brought off-line due to damage that requires repairs, work is delayed and causes costly setbacks. The faster these assets can be repaired or maintained to get them back online more quickly, the better.

While heavy equipment often spends many days, weeks and months out in the elements, maintenance crews require more protected environments for ongoing maintenance of these critical machines. Since maintenance technicians, mechanics, welders, and others are often working on a machine for extended periods of time, they require special vehicle maintenance facilities to keep environmental factors away from the sensitive inner-workings of this equipment.

Alaska Structures® offers highly durable, long lasting fabric structures that can offer this critical protective function, sheltering your machinery from wind, rain, snow, sand, and other environmental conditions that cause rust and damage. In addition to permanent deployments with ongoing needs for equipment and vehicle maintenance, these structures are ideal as temporary buildings for similar purposes.

Alaska Structures MTX-Series Vehicle Storage and Maintenance Buildings

MTX-Series vehicle maintenance building.

Our MTX-Series fabric buildings are the perfect system for equipment and vehicle maintenance. Manufactured with a 40' wide powder-coated aluminum frame and 18-ounce polyvinyl chloride fabric covering, these buildings are incredibly durable and lightweight. These fabric structures are completely customizable and ideally suited for use as equipment maintenance facilities in any environment. For scenarios where even more ruggedized design or increased building size is warranted, the Alaska Structures GTX-Series gable truss buildings are preferred. This series of structures offers added strength with galvanized steel trussing components and sizes up to 150 feet wide at any length.

Durability and longevity aside, all tension fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are easy and quick to set up almost anywhere, with minimal foundation requirements. Instead of waiting months for construction of a traditional brick-and-mortar equipment maintenance and storage facility, these galvanized-steel and fabric membrane structures can be fully operational within a matter of days. Their rapid set-up design also makes them relatively easy to disassemble and transport -- an important feature for commercial operations that need to quickly relocate to new jobsites for optimum work and revenue potential.

GTX-series Gable Truss Buildings Fabric Structure maintenance facility with mining truck.

GTX-Series equipment maintenance building.

The free-span design of these buildings’ interiors provides maximum useable space, with plenty of clearance for large machinery as well as equipment with extended components and awkwardly-shaped elements. We also offer a wide range of options, from building features such as doors, windows, and lighting, to our environmental control units (ECU).

For more information on maintenance buildings or to order your Alaska Structures fabric buildings today, call +1-907-344-1565, email inquiry@alaskastructures.com, or contact us online.

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