Rethinking Dining Facilities – Alternative Solutions with Fabric Building Systems

Protective dining facilities are necessary for virtually every commercial or industrial application. Whether the encampment is at a research facility in Antarctica or at a mining camp in the mineral-rich regions of Canada, your personnel need a place that is safe from the elements in order to eat and refuel.

Protection from the harsh elements and weather conditions often found in these remote parts of the world can be a challenging feat to accomplish. Traditional buildings do not offer the portability that many of these short-term encampments require, while off-the-shelf tents are completely inappropriate for these tough climates and don’t support the functional needs of a full-service dining facility. However, Alaska Structures' dining facilities and cafeterias provide a critical solution for these applications, with the benefits of highly-durable, portable dining facilities for even the most rugged encampments.

GTX-series Gable Truss Buildings Fabric Structure dining hall.

Dining Hall / Cafeteria with skylights and ventilation.

Our engineered fabric buildings are versatile and applicable for a multitude of purposes, including dining halls, mess halls and cafeterias. Customizable designs allow for a great deal of flexibility when choosing the size and interior layout of the structure for mess halls, kitchens, and all other cooking and dining facilities. Whether you require a large facility to accommodate hundreds of people, or a smaller one that provides a comfortable eating space for just a few workers, these uniquely tailored fabric structures can be manufactured to suit each individual purpose and need.

These portable fabric structures are also built to last. Protection from the elements is key in locations with harsh climates and our structures are engineered to be extremely durable, as third-party tests and analysis has confirmed. Many fabric structures are insulated or can be additionally insulated, and many, such as our arctic exploration buildings, have been proven in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The Alaska Structures arctic facilities have been proven to perform reliably in temperatures as cold as -60 degrees Fahrenheit and in conditions with winds up to 100 miles per hour! These fabric structures are tremendously resilient, with these additional benefits:

  • Weatherproof
  • Flame retardant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Energy-efficient
  • UV treated to resist damage caused by the sun
Alaska Structures Portable Kitchen and Dining Facility

Kitchen and Cafeteria in one fabric building.

With high-strength steel or aluminum frames and tension fabric membranes, these structures are sure to provide safe and secure dining facilities in any storm. If you want something that’s easy to set up, take down and transport, as well as a durable structure that has been field-tested for heavy snowfall and high winds, then our portable fabric buildings are the most practical and top-quality choice.

The many benefits of portable dining facilities over permanent brick-and-mortar buildings include the significantly reduced cost to erect. Fabric structures are much easier to set up and take far less time to construct as compared with permanent buildings, which means you’ll be able to begin operations sooner. After installation, tension fabric buildings are also much easier and less expensive to take down and move to another location. They can be set up temporarily for seasonal projects and relocated to a new project destination with considerable ease. In addition, because of their strength and durability, our dining facility fabric structures can be established permanently in a rugged location to provide a more stable and long-term solution.

Every camp, regardless of where it's located and no matter the type of operation, needs a mess hall for personnel to safely re-nourish for their health and productivity. The benefits of portable fabric structures make these buildings ideal for use as dining facilities.

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