XPL Series – Quick-Erect Fabric Structures

XPL Quick-Erect Structures

Time is money and no shelter system can match the value found in the Alaska Structures® XPL™ series of quick-erect shelters. XPL quick-erect shelters can be fully installed in 5 to 10 minutes, making them the ideal fabric tension structure to use when time matters. Not only is the XPL series the easiest fabric building to quickly set up, it’s also a rugged shelter suitable for use in inclement weather and extreme heat or cold.

Alaska Structures XPL-Series Remote Camp Systems
You do not have to sacrifice safety for speed when you choose an XPL shelter for governmental, industrial, or commercial use. Alaska Structures uses the same rugged thermoplastic fabrics and high-strength support systems found in our other technically advanced tensile structures. XPL shelters are fully engineered fabric buildings that can be installed and disassembled hundreds of times over several years, making them uniquely suited for highly portable use across multiple projects.

XPL fabric membrane structures are easy to pack in and out of remote camps, and they can be safely and securely anchored to any flat surface. XPL shelters are also ideal for such mobile projects as pipeline construction and mineral exploration. If you want more information or a price quote for an XPL quick-erect shelter, use the form at right to fill out an online request or call +1-907-344-1565 to speak with a building specialist.

XPL for Multiple Applications

With their ease and speed of installation, XPL quick-erect shelter systems are uniquely suited for use in several commercial, governmental and industrial applications, including:

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XPL Specifications

For specifications of our proprietary XPL shelter design please contact one of our building specialists by filling out the form at right.

An Excellent Design

At Alaska Structures, we take the classic quonset design and transform it into the most technologically advanced quick-erect shelter on the market. Our XPL shelter series come in four standard model widths and numerous lengths. Interior spaces range from 150 square feet (13.94m2) to 800 square feet (74.32m2).

Each structure includes hard doors, net vent windows, lighting and electrical, an insulation liner, carry bags, and your choice of heating and/or cooling options. XPL shelters can also come equipped with reusable Alaska containers for transporting your XPL. We also designed XPL to withstand high wind gusts, heavy snow, drenching rains and other inclement weather.

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