Advantages of Engineered Fabric Structures Used for Mining Facilities

Advantages of Engineered Fabric Structures Used for Mining Facilities

There are many advantages for choosing an engineered fabric structure for mining camps and mining facilities. Perhaps the biggest reason, engineered fabric structures save mining operations money and time.

Reducing Mining Infrastructures Costs with Fabric Buildings


Starting a new mine or mining operation requires a great deal of planning, not to mention a large financial investment. One way to reduce costs significantly is by using engineered fabric structures instead of buildings made from traditional construction materials. This is especially true for remote areas. When in the market for a company that makes the best fabric structures, consider Alaska Structures.

Based out of Alaska and in business since 1975, they know how to engineer a portable building system for extreme weather conditions. Since opening their doors, Alaska Structures has produced and delivered more than 65,000 engineered fabric structures to more than 70 countries around the world. While there are many tensioned membrane structures company to choose from, none have the experience, engineering capability, or safety record of Alaska Structures.

SQX-series Quonset Hut Fabric Shelter mining camp.

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures have been proven to reduce overall costs because they provide the following benefits:


  • Engineered fabric structures are designed for portability. The light weight design and low cube reduce shipping and transportation costs.
  • Serve as portable or permanent structures, allowing the same structure to be relocated to different sites or left in place for long-term projects.
  • No expensive special contractors, setup crew, or supervisors required for the installation.
  • Engineered fabric buildings are designed for rapid setup with minimal skill. Shorter construction schedules save time and money.
  • Quickly assemble and safely anchor the building system on any level surface with a minimal foundation requirement, including: dirt, gravel, sand, concrete slab, footers, or wood pilings.
  • Eliminate the need for interior support columns and maximize the available interior space with a open span design.
  • High-strength galvanized steel or aircraft-grade aluminum frame systems can be custom designed up to 150’ wide, adjusted to any height, and to any specified length.
  • Long-lasting membrane systems offer a much lower life-cycle cost than other tensioned fabric covers.
  • The architectural membranes from Alaska Structures are engineered to have a higher resistance to abrasion, will not rot, are mold and mildew resistant, and exceed the fire safety requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations for membrane structures.
  • Translucent sky light material allows you to utilize natural light during the day, creating a bright and safe work environment, while reducing energy usage and cost.
  • Plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz reduce the need for expensive electricians1.
  • Choose from the largest selection of fabric colors, patterns, and add your company logo to any Alaska Structures building.
  • Great customer service and worldwide support.


Types of Structures and Their Advantages


Workforce Housing and Modular Dormitories


Alaska Structures custom designs and engineers fabric structures to create scalable building solutions to support all aspects of mining, including workforce housing and modular dormitories for staff, management, and executives. Alaska Structures has extensive experience providing mining camps with accommodations ranging from a small labor force of 10 people to a large mining operation needing modular dormitories for 5,000 people. Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures make it possible to carry out remote mining operations, and provide the safest and most comfortable housing options, even in areas with extreme temperatures or weather.

HGX-series Heavy Gable Building Fabric Structure dorms with HVAC.

The high-end fabric structures make it possible to provide hotel-like accommodations and create a “home away from home” feeling in remote locations around the world. The Denali Building System, workers and staff can enjoy the benefits of modular housing with a hard-wall system to create private bedrooms and en-suites. Additional building facilities can be designed for housekeeping, catering, laundry, entertainment and recreation.

Core Storage Facilities


Core storage facilities, commonly known as “Core shacks, can range from storage facilities as small as 96 square feet to warehouses with more than 200,000 square feet. Core storage facilities from Alaska Structures are engineered to meet both local and international building codes to ensure the safety of both the personnel at work, and the core assets stored within.

Mine Dry Facilities


Alaska Structures creates mine dry facilities to ensure workers have a safe space for cleaning up at the end of the day. Mine dry facilities maintain personal hygiene, sanitation, and worksite morale. Mine dry facilities from Alaska Structures can be designed to include:


  • Communal and private showers
  • Water-saving commodes, toilets, and urinals
  • Sinks with safety glass mirrors
  • Lockers and benches
  • Waterproof and shatterproof lighting
  • Exhaust fans and HVAC systems
  • Laundry equipment
  • Drying racks and shelving systems


Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures can be used to design a mine dry facility that is portable and able to be relocated or serve as a permanent mine dry facility.

The three most popular models used for mine dry facilities are the:


Conveyer Enclosures Eliminate Contamination from Fugitive Dust


The longest fabric building in the world is the conveyor enclosure, built by Alaska Structures at the Red Dog zinc mine, located above the Arctic Circle. While other companies quoted construction of the  to be between three and six months, Alaska Structures designed, produced, shipped, and installed the 1+ mile long conveyor enclosure in just 28 days. This was crucial for Red Dog to meet strict environmental regulations and maintain operations. The conveyor enclosure has been in use since 1991, allowing for year-round mining operations.

Mining companies that use overland conveyors to transport bulk materials across short or long distances need to use Alaska Structures conveyor enclosures to eliminate the risk of contaminating the surrounding environment, wildlife, and communities from fugitive dust.

Survival Shelters for Remote Mining Camps


Survival shelters are essential for the safety of prospecting teams working in remote locations. Unexpected and severe storms can prove life-threatening. Emergency and survival shelters from Alaska Structures allow mining crews to quickly establish shelter to wait for conditions to improve. Custom design and engineered for safety, our emergency and survival shelters can be equipped with a large selection of options including see-thru windows, insulation packages, as well as stove-pipe flanges for safely operating a heater within the survival shelter.

The XPL Series is a revolutionary portable building system that is perfect for emergency or survival situations - capable of being setup in less than 10 minutes!

Engineered Fabric Buildings Designed for On-Site Maintenance Facilities and Workshops

Reduce equipment downtime and minimize equipment repairs with on-site maintenance facilities and workshops using engineered fabric structures from Alaska Structures. Our custom designed fabric building solutions allow mining companies to quickly establish on-site facilities that can easily be relocated or installed as permanent structures.

GTX series fabric dining hall structure interior.

The MTX Series is a very popular building system, used by mining camps to support mining operations around the world. It is a single-arch building system that is 40’ wide and available in lengths of 40’, 60’, and 80’ long. Designed for rapid setup, the MTX Series can be equipped with a large number of features that make it the perfect on-site maintenance building for performing vehicle repairs. An optional exhaust ventilation system allows for the safe operation of equipment and vehicles inside the structure, while undergoing repairs or being inspected. The MTX Series can be used as a multi-functional building to support a wide range of additional mining activities, including:

  • Storage facility
  • Workshop
  • Vehicle storage
  • Repair facility
  • Cold storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Fabrication shop

Need a larger maintenance facility or workshop? The GTX Series is a double-arch gable building system custom designed up to 150’ wide, to any height or length, to meet your on-site maintenance facility requirements. The GTX Series from Alaska Structures are engineered to meet specific local and international building codes for safety and unmatched durability.

Whether it is heavy equipment, haul trucks, mining drones, raw materials, conveyor enclosures, or vehicle storage facilities, all can safely be stored and maintained within an engineered fabric building from Alaska Structures.

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