What are the Ideal Uses for Fabric Buildings?

From storage or maintenance facilities to workforce housing and complex mining buildings, fabric structures are an effective and advantageous choice for a wide range of applications across numerous industries. The variety of use cases for fabric buildings make these structures a premier building solution for commercial, industrial, and governmental scenarios.

With over 40 years of experience and more than 65,000 tension fabric buildings manufactured and deployed around the world, Alaska Structures® leads the industry for fabric structures and building systems. Our fabric building systems are suited for a variety of applications across a wide range of industries. The most common include arctic exploration and research, aviation, construction, geophysical exploration, industrial warehousing and storage, mineral exploration, mining, oil & gas, public works, renewable energy, and more. Within these industries, the ideal uses for fabric buildings are incredibly diverse:

Warehousing & Storage

Warehousing Storage Fabric Structure

Industrial warehouse and storage buildings.

Our tension fabric buildings come in standard sizes as well as extended lengths to provide excellent space for storage and warehousing. With widths ranging from 8 - 150 feet and any desired length, our fabric warehouse buildings are ideal truss-arch storage building systems. They can be constructed for small, medium, and large-scale storage facilities - storing vehicles, equipment, inventory, materials, supplies, and other assets with the increased security, longevity and efficiency that our fabric structures offer.

They provide protection from the elements with high-strength polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric encasing a durable galvanized steel or aluminum frame system, which provides reliable shelter for both temporary and long-term applications. These highly durable buildings are more energy efficient than traditional brick-and-mortar storage buildings, while requiring less time and cost to construct. The open-span design of each building’s interior architecture allows for maximum use of space, offering greater clearance for oddly-shaped machinery and more storage capacity.

Workforce Housing & Hygiene

Alaska Structures SQX-Series Remote Camp Systems

SQX-Series quonset hut workforce housing.

Remote mining camps, mineral and geophysical exploration and research facilities, and other commercial and governmental encampments often need accommodations for personnel. In these cases, where access to housing is nonexistent or insufficient, fabric buildings provide effective modular workforce housing units.

Alaska Structures SQX-Series of quonset huts are one of our most popular housing systems. These tension fabric buildings can be quickly installed to provide long-term or temporary accommodations and workforce housing. They can be used as standalone structures, or as an integrated feature of a larger camp system, while our TSX-Series of portable cabins provide more private living space for your managers. All of our fabric buildings, including the SQX-Series quonset huts and TSX-Series cabins, are independently tested and certified to withstand extreme temperatures and inclement weather - keeping your workforce safe, dry and warm even in harsh, rugged climates.

In addition to sleeping quarters, our camp systems can be expanded upon with other crucial living facilities for cooking/dining and hygiene. Many of the fabric buildings in our different design series can be fitted as full-service commercial kitchens and cafeterias. Fabric structures offer some notable advantages as cooking and dining facilities, particularly when compared with traditional buildings. The Alaska Structures Latrine and Shower systems provide the plumbing, water heater, fixtures, and ejector systems needed to maintain good hygiene facilities for your workforce.

Exploration, Excavation & Mining

Workforce Housing and Fabric Dormitory Building

Denali-Series camp systems.

For the oil & gas, mineral/geophysical exploration, renewable energy and mining industries, worksites and research encampments often require unique facilities. Research and recovery of exploratory data involves the use of expensive and sensitive equipment, while mining operations are extracting highly valuable minerals and commodities that must be safely removed and secured.

All of these operations are only as effective or safe as the facilities that house them. Alaska Structures’ Denali Building System provides the longevity and durability needed to maintain effective operations in the extreme conditions often presented in exploration and mining encampments. The engineering and design for all of our fabric structures has been tested by third parties who certify their resilience in the most extreme weather conditions, even over the long-term. Mining and exploration camps can benefit from rugged facilities that are proven to withstand heavy snow loads and high winds.

Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Alaska Structures GTX-Series Vehicle Storage and Maintenance Buildings

Vehicle maintenance facilities.

With the advantage of portability and incredibly durable design, our fabric buildings are ideal for use as aircraft hangars and vehicle maintenance facilities. The near-limitless sizing options and the free-span interior architecture can easily accommodate helicopter propellers, aircraft wingspans, and heavy machinery. Additionally, the facilities can be fitted with special floorplans and add-on systems to provide energy efficient HVAC and air filtration, power generation and distribution, lighting, and more to keep conditions safe for maintenance personnel.

Enjoy the highest-quality, durable maintenance facility with our MTX-Series fabric buildings. Not only are they highly portable, lightweight and easy to install, these buildings are uniquely suited for use as vehicle and equipment maintenance facilities because of their versatility.

Research & Operations

Quick-erect Fabric Quonset Hut

Quick-erect fabric structures.

Portability is crucial with industrial research and operations facilities. With a relocatable fabric structure that can be easily set up, taken down, and transported from place to place, your organization can enjoy increased flexibility and efficiency.

In scenarios where rapid facilities deployment is necessary for efficient business operations, our XPL-Series of quick-erect shelters are an ideal fit. These tension fabric buildings can be fully operational within minutes - a crucial advantage for mobile exploration and research projects.

With an Alaska Structures fabric building system, the possibilities for enhanced facilities and operations with commercial, industrial, and governmental organizations are endless. Fabric structures provide the durability, longevity, versatility and portability that simply cannot be found with other buildings or structures.

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