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A Few Applications of Our Fabric Buildings

Government branches, industrial companies, and commercial businesses trust Alaska Structures® for one reason: our high quality and durability are worth the money. What can our fabric buildings do and what uses are they serving our clients? Here are a few examples of the potential applications of our structures:

Polar Camps and Buildings
Built for extreme cold weather, our fabric structures and camp systems can withstand the most bone-chilling cold. Our fabric buildings have withstood arctic forces on the North Slope of Alaska, far above the Arctic Circle, and deep in Antarctica for over 40 years. Our standard fabric is rated to -60 degrees Fahrenheit and our polar structures are also designed to use our patented insulation and flooring systems. 

Aircraft Hangars
Engineered with aircraft in mind, our hangars can withstand severe wind conditions and heavy snow loads, making them ideal for covering and protecting air equipment anywhere in the world. Airports, aviation architects, and logistics companies have trusted our hangar solutions for their airplane hangar and aircraft storage needs.

Oil and Gas Applications
We provide specialized, elite-level conveyor and pipeline enclosures to protect materials from extreme elements all around the world. We've been working with private oil & gas development firms for over 38 years to provide fabric structures that stand against the toughest elements and protect valuable assets.

Do you have a Caterpillar or Komatsu mining or haul truck that needs a maintenance building or wash bay? Look no further than Alaska Structures. For over 38 years mining companies have been using our fabric structures for virtually every type of building used on a mining site, from mining truck maintenance shops to personnel camps.

Emergency Housing Systems
Armed conflict, natural disasters, and building destruction displaces millions of people each year. Alaska Structures is there to provide high-quality, long-lasting fabric emergency shelters that serve as safe and clean living environments for affected people.

Recreational Buildings
The show must go on - whether it's a covered practice facility or a performance arts structure, we can provide high-quality fabric buildings for swimming pools, soccer fields, gymnasiums, dance studios, or even movie theaters! The possibilities are endless and our fabric buildings won't let you down.
For more information on how Alaska Structures provides fabric structures for a variety of industries, call +1-907-344-1565, email inquiry@alaskastructures.com, or contact us online.

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