The Importance of Reliable Mining Equipment, Storage, and Maintenance Facilities

After all best efforts to correctly predict machine time-to-failure, only recently has this been a possibility. Machine learning solutions show hope in finding close TTF in mining machines. Their outcomes, while promising, can be very costly.

Relying on Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and large-scale data collection is pricey. The costs now to use such systems may cause operations managers to wait, especially with the need for data scientists. Data scientists are on hand to study and sort the data and create models to predict TTF.

However, the most practical answer to build long-term performance and cut down machine downtime is not new data analytics. Through upkeep, the right storage, and workforce training, the working lifespan of heavy machines can go on far beyond expectations.

The cost estimate of an excavator breaking down at a large mining operation is $5 million per day. The cost of a haul truck breaking down is about $1.8 million per day. Investors pay close mind to machine Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) when considering use in operation or single site.

This RAM metric is important for many reasons:


RAM increases working time, cuts downtime, and boosts both work performance and output volume.


At first, starting RAM upgrades are costly. But from a machine lifespan cost point, backing in getting reliability growth can reduce the total life-cycle cost overall.

Competitive Gains:

RAM is more than thrifty.  RAM upgrades use new sciences, goods, and methods. Therefore, boosting product quality and giving your company an edge in the market.

Environment and Safety:

With better machine safety and upkeep, mining operations can boost work safety and cut down environmental risks.

Why Updating Mining Buildings is the First Step:

From workforce housing to machine storage, safe, fruitful mining operations start with full, connected structure portfolios.

At Alaska Structures®, we've made advances in engineering, design, and building safety. As a result,  less machine downtime, fast output speeds, and better work performance at dozens of mining operations worldwide. Our mining structures resist wind and snow loads and stand by both local and international building codes. Alaska Structures give best-in-class performance while lowering operations cost, energy use, and risk of damage to costly machines and goods.

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  1. Christian

    Very well said. Improving the facilities is most important to become more efficient during operations.

  2. Baxter

    I appreciate what you wrote about the effect modernizing mining equipment and facilities in the long run is more cost efficient. In addition to increasing the equipment life-span, newer technology is likely more fuel and energy efficient, so a mining company will save money on fuel and energy costs. Mining companies would be wise to keep their equipment up-to date and modernized.

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