Why Industrial and Commercial Construction Companies Choose Fabric Buildings

Fabric structures are valuable in almost any type of environment or weather conditions where a dependable, sturdy structure is vital.

The use of fabric structures in these types of operations is growing more common in a slew of different uses. According to Fabric Architecture Magazine, many trades are aware of the benefits of using fabric architecture for a long-term building.

While the use of traditional brick and mortar buildings may have some perks, these structures also have many flaws. In fact, they can’t move as easily as fabric structures. Companies that tend to move from site to site, leave behind out-of-date buildings as they shift operations to new sites. For this reason, causing problems with local authorities and community members. Therefore, fabric structures act as permanent buildings, that can detach, making them less costly to set up.

Strength, Durability and Notable Mobility

Fabric structures have professional designs that use some of the most effective building mechanics available on the market today. Many of these structures are set up with high-strength galvanized steel frames and PVC tension fabric membranes. As a result, these materials easily stand up to strong winds, extreme temperatures, and heavy snow loads.

With the ability to move, fabric buildings present an clear benefit to businesses that quickly move to new sites. As well as businesses growing or expanding their operations. Since set-up is fast, companies can quickly and efficiently move to new worksites or to new projects.

Whether your company remains in one site or does a quick job then returns to base, fabric structures are ready. These professionally designed and engineered building systems are perfect as both temporary and permanent options.

Fabric Structures Industrial Workshop Buildings

MTX-Series fabric building used as construction workshop.

In addition to being customizable and mobile, fabric structures are also:

  • Weatherproof
  • Flame retardant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Energy-efficient
  • UV treated to resist damage caused by the sun


Quick to Set Up, Easy to Move

Tension fabric buildings and structures are relatively easy to install and take down. This gives them the ability to easily move to another site. These structures get used all around the globe by dozens of companies in a broad range of trades. For example,  oil and gas firms, mining operations, industrial operations, and commercial construction.

These long-lasting and strong structures can serve as:

  • Tool storage
  • Fabrication shops
  • Storerooms for materials
  • Warehouses and much more

Our strong fabric structures provide warehouses a free span architectural support system for the most space. They can serve the needs of many companies and trades.

Having the ability to quickly and easily move a structure can save a company time and money. With a structure made from traditional building materials, at the present time, isn't an option. All this considered, fabric structures provide clear benefits for the operation of just about any company. Those in the mining, industrial and commercial construction arenas, especially benefit from using our structures.

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    It’s interesting what is considered with commercial buildings. It makes sense that you would want to have one that is strong and durable! That way it’s just a single investment that won’t be too expensive in the long run.

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