What to Know About the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and How Fabric Structures Can Help

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Infrastructure Bill, plans on addressing the deteriorating infrastructure in the United States. This bill proposes $1.2 trillion in spending, and $550 billion of that total would be new federal spending collected over the next five years. In November of 2021, President Biden signed the bipartisan bill into law.

As a result of the Infrastructure Bill, the U.S. could start seeing significant improvements in areas such as roads, bridges, public transit, and railroad construction. Spending will also go toward setting the country up for a greener future, with funds contributed to electric transportation, drinking water, environmental spending, and addressing climate change. Additionally, it will address broadband deployment, equity, and affordability, as well as growing cybersecurity concerns.

Since more funding will become available for infrastructure than ever before, state and local officials should take advantage of the bill and begin designing and building new assets. Business owners should also review their operations and determine what areas could use assistance from these federal funds.

How Fabric Buildings Can Help Infrastructure Projects?

Once funds from the Infrastructure Bill are allocated, the U.S. will start seeing more construction take place than ever in recent memory. With the increase of construction sites, build sites, and roadwork comes the need for shelter and storage for the sites themselves. That’s where engineered fabric structures come into play. 

Workers should be able to put their time and energy toward the job at hand rather than worry about the accommodations for their site. Fabric structures are ideal for portable and temporary construction sites, less time-consuming to construct than wood, metal, and brick-and-mortar buildings, and can even help to increase manufacturing and expand existing facilities.

Additional construction applications of engineered fabric buildings include:

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Why Alaska Structures?

When it comes to engineered fabric structures, Alaska Structures® is your top resource. Alaska Structures leads the industry in providing tensioned fabric membrane buildings for construction applications, and has the largest production capabilities available.

Engineered fabric structures from Alaska Structures are one of the best solutions for assisting and enhancing construction sites brought on by the new Infrastructure Bill. 

Fabric Buildings Engineered to Meet Building Code

Alaska Structures custom-designs fabric buildings to meet customer building requirements and engineers them to meet area-specific wind and snow loads required by local or international building codes for safety and long-lasting durability.

Thousands of Configurations and Custom Design Options

Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings are available in thousands of combinations of sizes and styles. In addition to being able to add your company’s custom logo or colors to your site structure, you can decide on which size and window, door, and wall configuration is best for your project. 

The SGX Series of quonset-style, GBX Series gable buildings, and HGX Series gable buildings all range up to 30 feet wide and are ideal for small and medium construction storage applications. These models have vertical walls and can be built to any length that allows safe arch spacing.

Our larger structure, the GTX Series of gable truss buildings, can be built up to 150 feet wide and offers the most space for larger construction storage solutions and warehouses.

Fabric buildings can also be customized to include the following options:

  • Personnel and Equipment Doors
  • Hard-Wall Partitions
  • Window Packages
  • HVAC Systems
  • Proprietary Insulation
  • Plug-and-Play Lighting and Electrical Systems

Quality Materials and Made in the U.S.A.

Every engineered fabric building from Alaska Structures is 100% built in the United States and features industry-best longevity. You won’t need to worry about quality, as we use high-strength aluminum and galvanized steel for unmatched durability. Our structures are designed to last.

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Contact Alaska Structures Today

Alaska Structures opened its doors in 1975, and we’ve proven to be a leader in the fabric structures industry ever since. Our company has successfully engineered, manufactured, and delivered over 65,000 structures to countries around the world. 

We work closely with project managers and site directors to deliver top-quality buildings that are designed to meet your specific needs. 

Are you interested? For more information or to connect with a fabric structure specialist, send us an email or fill out our online form today to request a quote.

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