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Tips for Building the Perfect Backyard Workshop

Whether you’re a serious hobbyist or a busy entrepreneur, having a dedicated space to work makes all the difference for getting things done. The good news is, if you’re searching for the perfect place to set up your workspace, you don’t have to search too far! Just walk out your back door and into your very own backyard workshop.

Why Have a Backyard Workshop?

Of course, there are lots of options when it comes to creating your own workshop. You could set up shop in any of the following:

  • Spare bedroom
  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Rentable studio space

But, none of these options offers quite as many perks as a backyard workshop! Here are just a few of the benefits that having a backyard workshop brings.

Expand Your Workspace

One of the best parts about having a dedicated workshop outside is that you don’t have to share your space! 

Let’s face it, your spare bedroom, attic, or garage is already crowded with storage. Having a backyard workshop means you’ll have room to work without bumping into your car, storage boxes, the roof, or a lawnmower.

On the other hand, renting a studio space outside of your home could work wonders for gaining extra space. However, the cost of rent can really add up. 

If you already own a home with a yard, adding a workshop to it means you’re increasing your workspace without having to pay for more property. It’s a win-win situation!

Enjoy the Freedom to Make a Mess

Often, big projects come with big messes. Having a workshop outside your home gives you the freedom to make a mess without the worry. 

When you build a backyard workshop instead of one inside your home, you won’t have to worry about:

  • Vacuuming sawdust from the carpet
  • Scrubbing paint off your hardwood floors
  • Accidentally putting a hole in the wall
  • Spreading smoke or other odors to the rest of your house 

If you’ve tried setting up a workshop inside your home, you know that accidents can happen. Don’t risk wrecking your home. Instead, give yourself the space you deserve — one that’s safe to make a mess in and easy to clean.

Get Some Privacy

Next, having a backyard workshop means having more privacy.

Nothing compares to being able to work on a project, uninterrupted. Being in a state of flow during work is true bliss! But not all workshops can offer this experience.

It can be a pain to try to focus on your projects when you have pets scratching at the door or family members walking through your garage workshop. And if you’re renting a studio space with very thin walls, it can be easy for neighbors to overhear you or interrupt your peace with loud noise.

A backyard workshop is like your own private island oasis with the privacy you need to avoid distractions.

Lessen The Impact of Loud Noises

On the other hand, you might be less worried about being disturbed and more worried about disturbing others — especially if you tend to make a racket in your workshop. Woodworking machines are notoriously loud!

In this case, having a backyard workshop can lessen the impact of loud noises in your home. This is a great solution for artisans and makers that often find their inspiration and work in the early morning or late at night. 

You’ll be able to work guilt-free, knowing your workshop activities won’t wake the baby or interrupt your housemate’s morning Zoom call meeting.

Keep Everyone Safe

If your family is tired of tripping over scrap wood and loose wires, it might be time for you to move your workshop into a safer space. 

In your backyard workshop, you’ll be able to keep all of your equipment in one place. This way, your expensive equipment and the members of your home will be safe from damage, and you will also reduce the chance of accidents occurring. 

Plus, setting up shop in your backyard also helps with ventilation. If your work generates fumes or dust that could endanger members of your home, it’s best to take those projects outside. Your backyard workshop can be equipped with proper ventilation (and maybe even a dust collection system).

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Tips for Designing the Perfect Backyard Workshop

If you’re excited about all the benefits of a backyard workshop, then it’s time to start designing! Here are some tips on how to get started.

Think BIG

Our first tip for designing the perfect backyard workshop is to think big! Instead of trying to cram your workshop into an existing space, build the space to fit your needs. Factor in enough square footage to fit in:

  • A workbench
  • Space for the equipment you have
  • Extra room for new equipment you want
  • Organizers for supplies and tools

Also, be sure your workshop’s doorways are big enough to move your equipment and work in and out of. 

Add Windows for Natural Light

Another tip for designing the perfect backyard workshop is to choose a design with windows. 

Nothing is more energizing than natural light pouring through the window to brighten up space. Windows offer a fantastic, energy-efficient light source for your workshop. Don’t leave them out!

Make it Comfortable Year Round

Importantly, make sure your backyard workshop is comfortable for you to work in, year-round. Nobody wants to freeze or boil while they’re trying to get work done. Consider including the following in your backyard workshop:

  • Proper insulation
  • Protection from the intense heat or freezing cold
  • A temperature control unit
  • Ample ventilation and dust/fume management (if needed)

Choose the Right Structure

Finally, our last tip for designing a backyard workshop is to choose the right structure. When you’re making a backyard workshop, there are two things to keep in mind in terms of the structure: durability and flexibility.

Because your workshop is outside, it has to stand up to the elements! That means it should be housed in a structure that can withstand the following conditions:

  • Torrential rain
  • Heavy snow loads
  • High wind speeds
  • Rot, mold, and mildew

In addition, your backyard workshop should be just as easy to remove as it is to install. After all, if your needs change over time you should have the flexibility to move or change your workshop around.

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Benefits of a WeatherPort Backyard Workshop

When it comes to building a backyard workshop, WeatherPort® outdoor event facility from Alaska Structures® do it all. WeatherPort backyard workshops offer:

Plus, our structures’ minimal foundation requirements mean you can set up your workshop anywhere in your yard! If you change your mind later, you can relocate it or store it away for future use.

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Planning A Backyard Workshop? Start Here!

Above all, the perfect backyard workshop will be a reflection of you. So, you’ll want to custom-design it with your personality and needs in mind

Talk with a friendly business specialist today about planning your own Weatherport fabric structure backyard workshop. Setup is fast and easy, so you’ll be working in your new space before you know it!

WeatherPort® is a brand of high-quality fabric buildings from Alaska Structures®. If you are interested in learning more about our fabric buildings and remote camp systems please contact us by calling +1-907-344-1565 or completing our online form to request a consultation.

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