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An aerial view of a sewage treatment plant

Revolutionizing Sewage Treatment Plants With Engineered Fabric Structures

Do you know what the most challenging issue facing the sewage treatment industry is today? 

In June 2020, nearly 80% of stakeholders agree that their top issue to resolve is improving and maintaining their sewage treatment plant’s infrastructure. The demand for these essential facilities grows as they age and as the population of the country grows.

Are you facing issues with aging sewage treatment plant buildings? 

Or are you planning to build a new sewage treatment plant from scratch? 

Engineered fabric structures can help you revolutionize your plant with innovative and cutting-edge technology! 

Effects of Outdated Sewage Treatment Plants 

Government-owned and operated sewage treatment plants have been around since the early 1970s.

Should we expect old sewage treatment plants to handle modern-day amounts of wastewater? 

That would be like trying to stream 30 high-quality 4K movies over a dial-up internet connection… You would definitely end up with an extreme backup situation!

Dangerous Sewage Overflow

Sewage overflow is an ongoing issue for many sewage treatment plants. It occurs when a treatment plant gets more waste than it was originally designed to treat. When untreated waste contaminates surface water, it can result in:

  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Death of sea life
  • Dangerous swimming conditions

This kind of overflow happens when heavy rain drains into old combined sewer systems. An excess of stormwater runoff fills the single-pipe system and may cause a dangerous overflow. 

It’s time to rethink the design.

Concrete Break-Down

Overflow isn’t the only challenge of outdated sewage treatment plants. Older facilities are also more likely to break down. 

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used to build sewage treatment plants. At first glance, concrete seems like a sturdy option for a building. But over the long term, it is very likely to break down. This is especially true in places like sewage treatment plants, where chemicals in wastewater can accelerate this degradation.

Over time, concrete structures degrade due to:

  • Water 
  • Carbon dioxide in the air 
  • Chemicals in wastewater
  • Varying temperatures and humidity
  • Earthquakes and ground settling

Concrete is a material that requires lengthy and costly repairs to sewage treatment plants over time. 

Revolutionizing Sewage Treatment Plants With Engineered Fabric Structures

Modern problems deserve modern solutions, and engineered fabric structures do just that. They provide the innovative technology necessary to revolutionize the sewage treatment plant industry.

Growth Capabilities of Engineered Fabric Structures

First, a revolutionary design to sewage treatment plants should include the ability to grow! As the population grows, sewage treatment plants should be able to physically accommodate growth like:

  • Additional treatment units
  • New equipment with larger capacity units
  • Space to accommodate increases in loading rates

Engineered fabric structures like those from Alaska Structures® make growth easy. Sewage treatment plants chose fabric structures that safely expand and restructure as needed!

Expanding traditional structures built from wood or concrete is a costly and timely process. Sometimes, it can’t even be done depending on the age of the structure. However, by using the modern technology of engineered fabric structures, sewage treatment plants can:

  • Trade lengthy construction time for fast and simple setup.
  • Save on construction costs.
  • Increase their service capacity.
  • Reduce dangerous overflow with additional systems.

Strength of Engineered Fabric Structures

With engineered fabric structures, it has never been easier to build strong and long-lasting buildings. Alaska Structures utilizes the highest-quality materials and manufacturing techniques to engineer and design long-lasting and durable building solutions. The tensile fabric membrane creates durable buildings that protect and withstand the following: 

  • Rot, mold, and mildew
  • Heavy rain and snow loads
  • Prolonged  sun exposure
  • Extreme hot and cold climates
  • High wind speeds 
  • Corrosive chemicals

Our heavy-duty frame systems are made with galvanized steel or aircraft-grade aluminum. For wastewater and sewage treatment plants, we offer an additional level of corrosion protection by powder-coating all the frame components. 

Gain peace of mind knowing the tensioned fabric membrane and high-strength frame system of your Alaska Structures’ facility is capable of withstanding the harsh environment created by enclosing a sewage stabilization pond, protecting nearby communities from unwelcome smells on those windy days!

Additionally, once delivered and installed, an Alaska Structures building solution is virtually maintenance-free. Reduce overall operating costs by reducing the maintenance required for upkeep and instead focus on more pressing needs, like sewer pipe updates.

Start Building a Modern Sewage Treatment Plant

Some sewage treatment plants are still using buildings that date back to before the Civil War. Today, the industry has the right materials to bring its structures up to date.

Alaska Structures custom-designs and engineers building solutions for sewage treatment plants with cutting-edge benefits of 21st-century technology. 

Fabric Buildings Designed for Quick and Simple Setup

Modern and modular buildings needed for sewage treatment plants can help reduce overall operating costs, and drastically reduce lengthy construction schedules. 

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are specifically designed for a fast and easy setup. Unlike other prefabricated building solutions that require expensive setup crews, our structures can be assembled with unskilled labor. We provide easy to follow instructions, and have a support team to virtually assist with any questions. 

If you have a short deadline or need to focus your attention on more pressing matters, we do offer supervisors and setup crews to assist with the construction of our building solutions.

If and when the time comes to expand or you need to relocate your Alaska Structure – the entire building solution is easily taken down and relocated.

Plug-and-Play Lighting and Electrical Systems

Alaska Structures makes setup even more seamless with plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems. The systems are pre-built before shipping, so general laborers can install them on-site to cut down on the time and manpower. We offer lighting and electrical systems in both 50 and 60 Hz configurations.

Custom-Built Fabric Structures 

Engineered fabric structures offer facility directors and sewage treatment plant designers a variety of customization options to custom-design a building solution that meets their unique challenges. Most of our building models offer product options such as:

  • Proprietary insulation packages (capable of meeting any R-Value)
  • Alaska ECU™ (environmental control units, or heavy-duty HVAC systems)
  • Lighting and electrical systems
  • Modular flooring systems
  • Hard and soft-wall partitions

We also offer a large selection of personnel and equipment doors, available in many sizes for people, products, and equipment.

Fast and Economical Shipping

While the costs associated with the repair and maintenance of sewage treatment plants are looming, the engineers at Alaska Structures have worked hard to ensure a lower weight and cube for our building solutions, reducing overall shipping costs. 

As a result, sewage treatment plants can save money on shipping costs and spend where they really need it most.

Learn More About Engineered Fabric Structures for Sewage Treatment Plants

If you are ready to upgrade  your sewage treatment plant utilizing engineered fabric structures, the team at Alaska Structures is ready to help.

We are the industry-leading manufacturer. We have custom-designed, manufactured, and delivered more than 65,000 engineered fabric structures across 85 countries on time! 

To learn more or get a free quote, contact us today!

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