Our Fabric Buildings are Portable

Alaska Structures® products are engineered for long-lasting, rugged durability  — we create high-quality fabric buildings that utilize compact-packing methods, reducing the overall logistical burden and cost for shipping a prefabricated building solution to remote locations. 

In addition to making high-performance fabric buildings, we also make shipping containers to help facilitate fast and easy shipments.

Portable Fabric Structures Designed for Quick and Easy Installation, Disassembly, and Relocation

Alaska Structures has in-house engineers and design experts. Our experts create highly efficient and portable fabric buildings that feature minimal foundation requirements. We offer different anchoring solutions to secure our fabric building systems on any level (or type) of surface. This includes dirt, gravel, sand, concrete slabs, footers, pilings, and wood platforms. 

Our fabric structures are designed for rapid installations, drastically reducing construction schedules. Unlike other “instant” structures, our fabric buildings can be assembled without the need for expensive supervisors or trained setup crews. Our fabric buildings do not require any prior experience or training to erect.

Each structure is designed to be installed and left as is for the duration of your project, as a permanent fabric building. By design, our fabric structures are just as easy to take down and relocate to another location, fulfilling the needs for temporary fabric structures.

These are but a few of the cost-saving benefits of choosing engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures. Investing in a high-quality fabric structure can save you money and time. This allows you to focus on the success of your projects. 

Our Portable Fabric Buildings Ship in Reusable Storage Containers

Our Rotomold containers are used for worldwide shipments and storing fabric buildings from Alaska Structures. Made of high-quality plastic, our rotationally molded containers are a rugged, stackable, and forkliftable shipping solution. 

We offer a selection of rotomold container sizes and colors to meet your shipping needs. 

Increased Shipping Options for Portable Fabric Buildings

Not only do we ship fabric buildings in rotomold containers, we offer alternative shipping options. Other methods include carry bag systems, wood pallets, wooden crates, aluminum containers, and intermodal shipping (ISO) containers. 

Portable Fabric Buildings Engineered to Simplify Your Transport Needs

Find out how our specially engineered fabric structures and camp systems can help minimize the logistics of your operation. Saving you both time and money. 

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