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Alaska Structures

Rotomold molded plastic shipping containers and cases.

Portable Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures® products are designed for long-lasting, rugged durability  — we create high-quality fabric buildings that utilize compact-packing methods, reducing the overall logistical burden and cost for shipping a prefabricated building solution to remote locations. We can achieve this since we engineer our fabric buildings…

Fabric building camp system and mining camp

Advantages of Engineered Fabric Structures for Mining Operations

Based out of Alaska and in business since 1975, Alaska Structures® has produced and delivered more than 65,000 engineered fabric structures to more than 85 countries around the world.  Our portable building systems are skillfully crafted in the United States, using the highest-quality materials. The…

Water treatment plant

How Water Treatment Plants Can Use Fabric Structures

Long-standing facilities could use an upgrade every once and a while. This includes water treatment plants. You may be thinking, “What’s wrong with the way water treatment plants operate now?” The truth is, potable water treatment facilities can run into the same problems as other…

Mineral exploration drilling cores strage in fabric structure.

The Benefits of Engineered Fabric Structures for Extreme Weather Research Facilities

Researchers often work in the harshest climates and conditions to help us better understand the world around us. As they find solutions to our worldly issues, they need the support of strong research facilities to do their work. With new technology, fabric buildings are stronger and more durable than in the past, with comparable strength to brick-and-mortar buildings. Two major benefits of using fabric structures are that they are very fast and easy to setup, and are portable. There are of course other benefits of fabric structures, including tested strength in harsh climates. Whether research operations are in the middle of the jungle or Antarctica, Alaska Structures fabric buildings can support the operation.

Fabric structure by Alaska Structures used by a meat processing and packing plant

Fabric Buildings for the Meatpacking Industry

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), total red meat, beef and pork production reached record-high levels in April of 2021. The USDA states, “Commercial red meat production for the United States totaled 4.71 billion pounds in April, up 22 percent from the…

Alaska Structures Custom Domes at HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory

Custom Dome Structures Involved in Gamma Ray Detection

Researchers at the HAWC Collaboration, a gamma ray observatory located in Mexico that uses domes from Alaska Structures®, recently discovered a galactic source of gamma rays, of note because of its potential to produce high-energy cosmic rays.     HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory HAWC, which…

Alaska Structures GXT-Series Warehouse

How Pipeline Enclosures Reduce Loss and Protect Assets

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Pipeline Safety cites “outside force” as the leading cause of damage to pipelines. Although there is typically security on site to prevent damage caused by people or sabotage, weather conditions aren’t controllable. It’s important to protect pipelines to prevent death, irreparable environmental damage, and loss of revenue. Preventive steps can protect pipelines to prevent damage, starting with proper buildings for gas and oil operations. Pipelines need enclosures that are very strong and durable to withstand harsh weather and prevent damage. This article features pipeline enclosures from Alaska Structures, with proven and tested designs that will protect oil and gas operations.

The Importance of Proper Core Storage

Studying core samples is an important aspect of scientific research and proper core storage is critical to maintaining accurate records. Scientists, educators, governments, and private companies all play a role in preserving and examining rock and ice cores. While the basis of the research may…

Aviation Fabric Building Alaska Structures Aircraft Hangar.

Fabric Aircraft Hangars vs Metal Hangars

With projections for one of the coldest winters ever, it’s important aviators and commercial airlines are ready for it. Planes are expensive assets that can be expensive to repair if damaged, so they need very good protection this winter. An airplane and helicopter hangar is a sure way to protect planes from damage due to the weather. Alaska Structures offers strong, cost-effective airport hangars made from specially designed fabric. These hangars, in addition to being very strong and cost-effective, are customizable, tested to meet local standards, and flexible. The fabric airport hangars have been tested in the field and will last this winter.

How Engineered Fabric Buildings for Airports Improve Modern Travel

Alaska Structures offers custom-built engineered fabric structures for various airport facilities and operations. These buildings are highly engineered for heavy-duty uses, and last a long time for both temporary and more permanent needs. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions, protecting equipment and aircraft assets from the elements. They can also be installed and set up far more quickly than the construction time required for brick-and-mortar buildings, significantly cutting construction costs as well as timelines.