Secure, Reliable, and Flexible: The Benefits of Fabric Airport Hangars

Aviation officials are about to face a harsh and punishing winter. If current long-tail models are to be believed, this winter could be one of the most severe in recent memory for much of the United States. In fact, some at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration believes that this year's winter season could see the strongest El Nino event in over 50 years. Keeping planes in the air is a top priority, as is keeping your technicians and grounds staff safe during these harsh conditions. Alaska Structures' fabric airport hangars have many benefits - here are a few to keep in mind:

Highly Customizable

Airport hangars are staggeringly large structures, but space on the tarmac is often limited. Having the option to build your hangar to specification and expand on the facility as needed is an invaluable asset to any aviation official. Furthermore, Alaska Structures' fabric buildings have minimal foundation requirements, allowing them to be quickly deployed anywhere on your property. See our Technology and Engineering page for more information on how our fabric structures are constructed.

Tested to Local Standards

Alaska Structures GTX-Series Aircraft HangarsAlaska Structures' fabric airport hangars are designed to current international and local building codes. Built to 2012 IBC Building Code, ASCE/SEI 7, and AISC design standards, our buildings are also tested to withstand wind and snow loads at the site itself, ensuring that the building will perform under duress.

Increased Flexibility

Winter weather storage facilities must perform to expectations during inclement weather, but rather than packing them up when the mercury rises again, utilizing this additional covered space can provide many opportunities for your facility. Extra luggage storage, equipment housing, maintenance sheds, and even private sponsored event space is possible with the proper hangar space.

For more information on an Alaska Structures' best-in-class fabric aviation structure or hangar facility, call +1-907-344-1565, email or contact us online.

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    I learned a lot about fabric air hangars by reading this article. I like how you explained that hangars can help to hold airplane and sponsored events. I hope that I can remember this article if I ever own a plane in the future.

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