Cold-Climate and Extreme-Altitude Mining Solutions

Mining companies have to go wherever the lodes are, and sometimes that means operating in remote locations and extreme climates that can be deadly to workers and a danger to mining equipment.

Alaska Structures® has a proven record of providing the mining industry’s safest, strongest portable fabric building solutions. The longevity and performance of our fully engineered fabric membrane structures also offer a great return on investment. Our engineering is independently tested and certified to verify that our structures meet our demanding standards and yours.

Conveyor enclosure - Red Dog MineIn 1990, Alaska’s Red Dog zinc mine needed a ruggedized fabric conveyer enclosure that stretched more than a mile. In less than 30 days, Alaska Structures created the enclosure, plus a 500-person camp, workshops, a 50,000-square-foot warehouse and mining equipment shops. Located above the Arctic Circle, Red Dog’s fabric tension structures were pummeled by corrosive sea spray, 120 mph winds and snow loads of 65 pounds per square foot. More than two decades later, they’re still in use.

Bema Gold Mine fabric camp systemIn 2000, Alaska Structures provided a 500-person complete camp system for Bema Gold mines in Far East Russia. The average winter temperature at the mines is -67°F with wind gust up to 132 mph, and it snows more than 315 days a year. The Bema Gold Mine was so impressed with our products that they ordered an additional 200-person manager camp a decade later.

Alaska Structures also creates fabric buildings for high-altitude mining. In 2011, Alaska Structures delivered two dining facilities, four recreation facilities, a portable fabric chapel, an Internet café and an aggregate storage building to a remote site more than 14,000 feet above sea level. One year later, the same company ordered a Alaska Structures Mining Truck and Haul Truck Maintenance Building760-person camp system with 23 dorms, several more dining facilities, a gymnasium, and office, laundry, medical, and warehouse facilities.

Mining companies trust Alaska Structures because all of our fabric buildings are fully engineered for durability, longevity and safe use in any climate. Our expert design services team gives us the ability to create structures and systems that are ideal for any mining application.

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  1. Logan

    It’s interesting to learn about the mine site accommodations that need to be made in each location they are stationed. As you were explaining, sometimes it can be dangerous in extreme climates. I have an uncle in the mining business. He has some pretty interesting stories to tell about this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. April

    I’ve always wondered how mining operations worked in remote areas. It’s amazing that you can set up what is essentially a little village. How long does it take to construct one of the dorm rooms? Thanks for this insight into the industry!

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