Foundation Options
for Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures engineers all our fabric buildings to securely anchor to many different surfaces for safety and longevity.

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Anchoring Methods for Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures® takes safety very seriously. Properly anchoring our fabric buildings is a crucial component to protecting personnel, equipment and vehicles in the world’s most extreme environments. We also understand how clients use our fabric buildings and remote camp systems. With that in mind, we offer multiple anchoring and foundation options to securely anchor your fabric building to virtually any level surface.

Do you require a temporary or a permanent foundation?

First, temporary foundation options are typically quicker and easier to install. After disassembly and removal, they leave little to no lasting trace on the land. This is great for situations where long-term environmental impact is a concern.

Next, permanent foundation options stand the test of time and provide you with incredibly stable and long-lasting fabric buildings. Consider permanent foundations for sand and salt storage buildings, waste treatment facilities, aircraft hangers, vehicle maintenance buildings and any other situation needing a durable foundation.

What is the budget for your project?

No single foundation material works for every project or budget. That’s why we engineer our fabric buildings to safely anchor to a variety of surface types:

  • Level asphalt, gravel or earth
  • Wood platforms
  • Concrete
  • Intermodal shipping containers (ISO containers)
  • Precast concrete blocks (ecology blocks)

Foundation Materials

Concrete Foundations

  • Poured-in-place concrete slabs
  • Low-rise poured-in-place concrete walls
  • Precast concrete slab sections
  • Continuous concrete footers
  • Subgrade concrete pier footers

Precast Concrete Block Foundations

Clients often use precast concrete blocks (ecology blocks) as foundations to securely anchor fabric structures in commercial and industrial applications. Additionally, they’re portable, offer good stability and leave little to no trace after removal.

Intermodal Shipping Container Foundations

Shipping containers make excellent foundations for fabric buildings. They’re versatile, affordable and simple to install. With the right equipment, shipping containers are ideal for adding height to your fabric structure and providing additional enclosed space for tool and equipment storage. Additionally, Alaska Structures will work with you or your project managers to create an open-ended or fully enclosed building on containers.

Wood Platform Foundations

Wood platforms install quickly and work well for temporary structures or installations needing a semipermanent building. Clients often use wood platforms for large remote construction camps, mining camps, oilfield camps and workforce housing. For extremely cold climates, we also offer insulated wood flooring systems.

Anchoring System Options

Not every project requires or can use concrete foundations, especially in remote locations. Therefore, Alaska Structures offers other high-strength anchoring options that adhere to our rigorous construction and engineering standards. All Alaska Structures building systems require anchoring to comply with local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) for safety.

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