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XT Series


The XT-Series shelter system was born out of a need for exploration or research teams traveling to remote areas to have a lightweight shelter that offers the rugged durability to not only withstand severe weather conditions, but endure the rigors of repeated setup and take downs. Whether used for a
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Portable Cabins – The TSX Series

These portable cabins come standard with doors, windows and covered porches. When paired with the Alaska Structures' 3L™ Flooring System, the TSX series can be setup in any location with minimal site preparation. TSX are available in hundreds of sizes and configurations, making them incredibly versatile shelter systems for worksite camps and portable or permanent housing for any industry.

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GBX Series – Gable Building Systems

Our gable buildings offer incredible versatility as small and medium shelters for people, products and equipment. With clear-spans up to 20’ wide, there is no wasted interior space. GBX can be set up in as little as 20 minutes.

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Our heavy gable buildings provide a more robust shelter than our rugged GBX series gable buildings. HGX series designs are up to 30’ wide and available in any length. HGX series structures are ideal for small and medium storage, workshops, mobile kitchens and more.

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