Fabric Structures for Outdoor Dining

Quickly turn any open area into a covered outdoor seating or dining area with engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures®.

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Covered Outdoor Seating and Outdoor Dining Structures from Alaska Structures®

Restaurants, breweries, or wineries wanting to increase revenue by up to 30% can quickly increase their seating capacity and improve their guest’s dining experience – with a heavy-duty fabric building from Alaska Structures®! Whether it is a casual outdoor atmosphere or a white table venue with amazing views, turn any open area, patio, or curb space into a covered outdoor seating area for guests to enjoy dining al fresco or dining all’aperto in Italian (“dining outdoors”).

Our fabric structures are engineered to meet area-specific wind and snow loads required by the local or International Building Codes (IBC) for safe year-round use and long-lasting durability against harsh weather. Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® are easy to set up, leave in place as a year-round covered outdoor dining facility, or take down seasonally. Our dining facilities are available in many different models, sizes, colors, and configurable options.

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SAUCE ON THE BLUE USING WEATHERPORT® “POP-UP” YURTS FOR OUTDOOR DINING DURING COVID-19. 9 News in Colorado shows how Tim Applegate, owner of Sauce On The Blue Family Pizzeria and Italian Eatery in Silverthorne is providing the ultimate outdoor dining experience during the COVID pandemic using WeatherPort® Yurts!

Popular Fabric Structures for Covered Outdoor Dining

Designing a unique outdoor dining area that stays true to your restaurant’s brand is essential for creating an outdoor space with the same or greater appeal as the main dining room. Whether it is a small alley on the side of your restaurant, a portable structure set up next to your food truck, a rooftop space with spectacular views, a garden that provides food-to-table service, or a busy sidewalk, a fabric building from Alaska Structures® can quickly convert any of these open spaces into a functional, covered, and cozy outdoor dining experience that guests will love.

Kilted Mermaid in Vero Beach, Florida, transformed their outdoor patio area into a covered dining and entertainment space using a WeatherPort® Jubilee.
Kilted Mermaid in Vero Beach, Florida, transformed their outdoor patio area into a covered dining and entertainment space using a WeatherPort® Jubilee.

A local eatery recently converted a small space behind their restaurant, using a WeatherPort® Jubilee Series™ to create a secret garden oasis for outdoor dining, complete with string lights, comfortable padded wicker furniture, and using antique gardening equipment, made a rustic-chic area for guests to enjoy. Though the space was small and could only accommodate an additional four dining tables with four chairs each, as the restaurant owner explained, “It is additional seating we didn’t have before.” An average price of $30 per meal resulted in a revenue increase of $480 per hour.

Whether your restaurant is expanding outwards or upwards, offer guests protection from the elements using a fabric building from Alaska Structures®. Our engineered fabric buildings can be used as stand-alone outdoor dining structures for shade during the hot summer months or fully enclosed during the cold winter months. Restaurants popularly use the following fabric-building models to expand seating capacity, increase revenue, and provide guests with a unique outdoor dining experience.

A WeatherPort® canopy from Alaska Structures® creates an elegant, open-air dining area, protecting guests from the direct sun and inclement weather. WeatherPort® canopies are available in various sizes, including our popular 10′ x 10′ canopy. They can be configured with a large selection of fabric colors, logo or design printing, powder-coated frames, and more. Optional side curtains are easily removed or rolled up, allowing guests the opportunity to create a private and intimate dining experience in inclement weather.

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For larger covered outdoor seating requirements, the WeatherPort® Jubilee from Alaska Structures® is ideal for restaurants looking to quickly expand their seating capacity and offer guests a unique outdoor dining experience. The Jubilee Series™ is easy to assemble and offers restaurants a much faster return on investment than undergoing timely and expensive restaurant renovations. Jubilee structures are available in many sizes and easily configured with various colors, windows, and removable or roll-up curtain options.

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In locations that experience strong winds and heavy snow, our Heavy Gable Building (HGB) Series™ is the ideal building system for restaurants looking to create an enjoyable outdoor dining experience. Available up to 30’ wide, to any height and length, restaurants, breweries, and wineries will appreciate the ability to quickly expand their seating capacity and gain peace of mind knowing their guests will be kept safe. Our HGB Series™ fabric buildings can be configured with windows, doors, lighting and electrical systems, insulation, and HVAC.

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The Double Arch Gable Building (DAGB) Series™ can be engineered up to 120’ wide, to any height or length, to enclose a large outdoor dining space. Create a spacious and comfortable outdoor dining area with raised garden beds and the kitchen – all under the same roof! Talk about the ultimate farm-to-table dining experience! All DAGB Series™ fabric buildings are configurable with a large assortment of colors, windows, doors, lighting and electrical systems, insulation, and HVAC to create the ultimate outdoor dining experience for guests.

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Gallery of Outdoor Dining Structures

See how others use our outdoor dining structures to increase seating capacity and provide guests with a unique outdoor dining experience!

Benefits of Outdoor Dining Structures

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures® are an excellent solution for quickly creating covered outdoor areas and outdoor dining structures. Our fabric structures offer the following advantages:

  • Smaller weight and cube for cost-effective shipping
  • Minimal foundation requirements allow the fabric building to be set up directly onto the ground or securely anchored to other surfaces, including asphalt and concrete
  • Fast setup with minimal tool requirements
  • The ability to install and leave in place for years of use or easily take down and relocate as needed
  • Long-lasting durability against harsh weather

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