Public Works Buildings

Alaska Structures® is the world’s premiere manufacturer of fabric buildings for municipal and public works applications in any climate. No fabric structure maker has provided more tensioned membrane structures since 1975. Every Alaska Structures public works facility is 100 percent made in the USA.

Alaska Structures fabric buildings for public works applications are:

  • Easy to install and highly portable
  • Perfect for permanent and temporary use
  • Independently tested and certified for wind and snow loads
  • Proven longevity in extreme climates and inclement weather

The GBX Series of gable buildings range from 8 feet to 30 feet wide and any length, making them ideal offices, storage buildings and garages. The HGX Series is available in the same sizes as the GBX with a more robust heavy gable construction. The GTX Series of gable truss buildings are Alaska Structures’ largest at up to 150 feet wide and are ideally suited for warehousing and large workshops.

Alaska Structures created the quonset-style MTX Series specifically for maintenance building applications. MTX buildings are 40 feet wide and come in standard 40-foot and 80-foot lengths with others available upon request.

Alaska Structures public works buildings are ideal for hundreds of uses, including:

Alaska Structures uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric and high-strength galvanized steel or high-strength aluminum architectural supports in all of its durable shelters. PVC fabrics offer more longevity and greater abrasion resistance than other materials. Fabric tension structures are easier to install than metal, wood or brick-and-mortar buildings. Alaska Structures' fabric structures also require less site preparation, offer quicker build times and reduce construction costs.


Alaska Structures designers create public works building plans in a wide range of proven sizes, styles and configurations. You can choose between energy-saving translucent fabrics, opaque fabrics or reflective fabrics. You can also select designs to accommodate proprietary insulation to any R-value of thermal resistance, plug-and-play electrical systems, and efficient environmental control units and HVAC systems. Alaska Structures offers a large selection of door packages for personnel and equipment. We also offer in-house powder coating.

Other benefits of choosing Alaska Structures' designs include:

  • Low-Cube Packaging
  • Project Management Services
  • Secure Anchoring Options
  • Logistics Support
  • Installation Assistance

Alaska Structures engineers all of its technically advanced publics works buildings to 2012 IBC Building Code, ASCE/SEI 7, and AISC design and construction standards.

Alaska Structures' GTX 40' x 100' fabric gable truss storage facility for public works applications.

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