Municipal Public Works Buildings

Alaska Structures® is the world’s leading manufacturer of engineered fabric buildings for municipal and public works applications in any climate. Since 1975, Alaska Structures has engineered and produced more than 65,000 fabric building systems, used in more than 85 countries. No other fabric structure maker comes close to providing as many tensioned membrane structures or meeting our proven level of expertise. Every custom build structure from Alaska Structures is 100 percent made in the USA.

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures provide public works departments with the following benefits:

  • Easy to install and highly portable building systems
  • Perfect for permanent installations or used as seasonal or temporary structures
  • Independently tested and certified for wind and snow loads
  • Proven longevity in extreme climates and inclement weather

The GBX Series of gable buildings range from 8 feet to 30 feet wide and any length, can be configured to create field offices, storage buildings and garages. The HGX Series is available in the same sizes as the GBX with a more robust heavy gable construction, perfect for areas that experience high winds or heavy snow loads. The GTX Series of gable truss buildings are Alaska Structures’ largest fabric building and can be custom built to 150 feet wide, to any height, and to any length. The GTX Series of fabric buildings are ideally suited for on-site warehousing, equipment storage facilities and large workshops.

Alaska Structures created the quonset-style MTX Series specifically for maintenance building applications. MTX buildings are 40 feet wide and come in standard 40-foot and 80-foot lengths with others available upon request. The single-arch design of the MTX Series allows it to be easily transported and setup from one job site to the next.

Alaska Structures public works buildings are ideal for hundreds of uses, including:

Alaska Structures uses proprietary fabric membranes and high-strength galvanized steel or high-strength aluminum frame systems in all of its durable shelters. Our long-lasting membrane systems offer a greater longevity and abrasion resistance than other materials. Fabric tension structures are easier to install than metal, wood or brick-and-mortar buildings. Alaska Structures' fabric structures also require less site preparation, offer quicker build times and reduce construction costs.

Public Works Buildings Design Services

Alaska Structures designers create public works building plans in a wide range of proven sizes, styles and configurations. Choose from a large selection of energy-saving products including translucent fabrics to create skylights and utilize natural light during the day to reduce lighting costs. Any Alaska Structures building system can be custom designed to accommodate proprietary insulation systems capable of meeting any R-value of thermal resistance, plug-and-play electrical systems, and ruggedized environmental control units and HVAC systems. Alaska Structures offers a large selection of door packages for personnel and equipment. We also offer in-house powder coating for environments with high humidity, sea spray, or when used to store corrosive materials.

Other benefits of choosing Alaska Structures' designs include:

  • Low-Cube Packaging
  • Project Management Services
  • Secure Anchoring Options
  • Installation Assistance

Alaska Structures engineers all of its technically advanced publics works buildings to the latest IBC Building Code, ASCE/SEI 7, and AISC design and construction standards.

Fabric structure maintenance facility for public works. 3D rendering.

Recycling Centers & Material Recovery Facilities

Alaska Structures® produces tensioned fabric structures designed meet the immediate and ongoing needs of the recycling industry. With the uncertainty following China’s ban on certain imports, material recovery facilities need to be flexible in their designs. Modular fabric buildings can be custom-designed to allow for changes including expansion, rapid setup and take down for easy transport and relocation, and the unmatched ability to be reconfigured for different applications …features that permanent structures do not offer.

GTX Series

The GTXTM Series of gable truss buildings from Alaska Structures are engineered free span warehouses and designed to meet local building codes. With widths from 16 to 150 feet and to any length or height, the GTX series can meet the storage needs of the recycling industry.

MTX Series

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures can be considered instant structures, capable of storing the tons of materials waiting for recycling, as well as the vehicles and equipment needed to collect and deposit the waste. Our MTXTM Series of fabric buildings a large single-arch structure and offer the ability to quickly create material and waste storage facilities. Choose from a large selection of equipment and personnel door sizes.

Recycling Centers & Material Recovery Facilities that are Portable, Customizable, and Durable

Alaska Structures material recovery facilities, material storage facilities, warehouses, and equipment storage facilities have offered solutions to the waste management and recycling industries for more than 40 years. Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures have been configured to meet the many needs of the recycling industry, including the following:

  • Enclosures for Waste Balers, Separators, Bag Openers, Shredders, Reel Splitters, and Wrapping Machines
  • Conveyor Belt Enclosures
  • Sorting Facilities
  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • Recycling Centers and Transfer Stations

Natural Disaster Recovery Buildings and Emergency Relief Structures

By design, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are quick to assemble, deconstruct, and transport. The versatile abilities of these fabric buildings — the ability to use on a moment’s notice and move as needed — make them the top choice for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

Medical Shelters for Disaster Recovery and Response

Rapidly deployable medical shelters are critical to disaster response and recovery efforts. BLU-MED Response Systems® (a division of Alaska Structures) manufactures deployable medical facilities designed to provide a clean and safe space for life-saving care… when and where needed™.

In response to disasters, BLU-MED medical shelters can quickly be scaled to meet the needs of any small or large-scale disaster. Medical shelters and field hospitals from BLU-MED are custom-designed solutions and can include stand-alone and fully-equipped packages for:

  • Hospital Surge Facilities
    Trauma, ER, OR, ICU, Scalable Ward Space
  • Triage and Isolation Facilities
    Including Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms for COVID-19 patients
  • Immunization and Drug Distribution
  • Ancillary Clinical Support
    Oxygen Delivery Systems, X-Ray, Lab, Pharmacy

The functionality and quick assembly of BLU-MED medical shelters help medical professionals and disaster response teams to save lives when access to local hospitals is difficult or no longer available.

In addition to disaster response, Alaska Structures are also a go-to for COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites. Heavy-duty outdoor structures can be easily configured  for drive-through or walk-up testing sites or vaccination clinics.

Emergency Housing with Restroom Facilities

Although fires and other disasters may rage on, the people on the ground must take breaks to remain healthy and productive. Refugees and emergency responders both need safe places to rest, regroup, and recuperate.

Those seeking refuge can stay comfortable while they await transportation or remain in short- or long-term care during recovery or processing efforts. Modular housing solutions from Alaska Structures are customizable to provide basic to hotel-like accommodations. Emergency housing can be designed to provide single family accommodations or separate and safe spaces for men, women and children.

Emergency and refugee housing from Alaska Structures can also be configured with private or shared restroom and hygiene facilities. Having immediate access to hygiene facilities is not only a necessity, but a morale booster in the wake of a disaster or during emergency situations.

Modular Classrooms for Keeping Students in School After a Disaster

When school buildings and classrooms are no longer viable or safe to educate students, it can be hard for young children to adapt to a new routine that doesn’t include attending school and socializing with same-age peers and friends. When disasters strike school buildings, it may take months or years for school repairs to be completed before students are allowed to return to school. This not only delays education, but has many other impacts, including increasing the number of dropouts.

To keep students on track and in the classroom, Alaska Structures offers the Denali Classroom System. When the Super Typhoon Yutu impacted the Northern Mariana Island, school buildings were among the devastated buildings. Within one week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ordered 66 Denali Classroom Systems. Alaska Structures was able to customize each structure to meet FEMA’s specifications, including:

  • Ability to withstand wind gusts reaching 125 mph
  • Rainproofing and weatherproofing
  • Lightweight aluminum frame system
  • Ability to add power
  • Inclusion of cooling systems (using the Alaska ECU™ — a military grade HVAC system)
  • Ability to meet ADA requirements or be modified to meet all special needs or accessibility requirements

During the bid process, FEMA noted, “There are no other facilities available to meet this need.” The Interim Education Commissioner, Glenn Muna, praised the structures’ versatility and the ability to use them to meet other needs down the road.

This short-term solution for keeping students in the classroom has left the area with additional resources to use at any time and place. And it'll serve them for decades to come.

Designed for Extreme Winter Weather Events

No matter what a disaster brings, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are designed to provide rapid access to facilities and to withstand extreme elements.

Whether winter polar vortex storms laying down loads of snow or a desert in extreme heat with high winds, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures have been tested and proven worldwide.

The patented membrane of the fabrics provides a weatherproof barrier to protect people and equipment from the harsh conditions outside. High-strength frame systems offer rugged durability against gusting and high-speed winds. All fabric buildings from Alaska Structures can be insulated to increase interior comfort and energy efficiency to allow for heating or cooling, depending on the exterior temperatures.

Alaska Structures' GTX 40' x 100' fabric gable truss storage facility for public works applications.

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