2015 Commercial Construction Forecast

Industry analysts are forecasting a busy 2015 for commercial construction. Alaska Structures® is ready to provide your company with best-selling fabric building solutions specifically engineered for construction applications.

Dodge Data & Analytics experts believe there will be $612 billion in total United States construction starts this year — a 9-percent increase over 2014.

Construction site office building interiorA quick breakdown of Dodge’s commercial construction forecasts:

  • Public Works: Up 5 percent after a 9-percent dip in 2014
  • Commercial Building: Rising by 15 percent, a slight increase over 2014
  • Single-Family Housing: Up by 15 percent in dollars, 11 percent in units
  • Multi-family Housing: 9 percent increase in dollars, 7 percent in units
  • Electric Utilities Construction: Falling by 9 percent, continuing a slide
  • Manufacturing Plant Construction: Decreasing by 16 percent

If you’re in these commercial construction growth segments, are you ready for the additional work? If you work in segments that are expected to slow down, do you have enough storage for your unused equipment?

Alaska Structures is here to help, no matter if you’re building a new public park in Florida, a commercial warehouse in New York, a planned residential development in Texas, or any project anywhere in the U.S.

Portable fabric building used for construction machinery storageOver the last four decades, Alaska Structures has created a mind-blowing 65,000 buildings that have been used in more than 60 countries worldwide. We’re experts in providing fabric buildings for any application, including:

Construction site portable office building interiorAlaska Structures fabric buildings are superior alternatives to metal or brick-and-mortar structures because they are more portable, easier to build and disassemble, and require less site preparation for safe installation. They can also be low-cube packaged for quick, economical shipping.

Every Alaska Structures fabric building can be designed for insulation, electrical, and HVAC systems, making them ideal for mobile offices, dormitories and climate-controlled storage. You can also add custom graphics to increase awareness of your brand.

At Alaska Structures, we have the fabric building industry’s top engineers and designers, and the proof is in our products. Click to learn more about the technology and engineering that goes into every Alaska Structures portable building. Or click to learn more about our valuable design services. You can also read through our FAQ section for more information.

If you want to learn more or get a quote, call +1-907-344-1565, email inquiry@alaskastructures.com or contact us online.

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