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Mineral exploration drilling cores strage in fabric structure.

The Benefits of Engineered Fabric Structures for Extreme Weather Research Facilities

For industries that take workers and researchers to the most remote areas of the world, rugged and rapidly deployable shelters that offer life-saving protection are a must. 

Whether used for an archeological dig in the jungles of South America or glacier and ice shelf research in Antarctica, fabric structures from Alaska Structures® provide protection from the most extreme weather conditions. 

Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings were originally engineered to withstand the harsh conditions on Alaska’s northern slopes and continue to use innovative technologies to not only defy freezing arctic temperatures, but also withstand prolonged use in high-altitude environments, humid jungle conditions, extreme solar loads and high temperatures of deserts, as well as coastal projects that experience corrosive sea-spray. Alaska Structures has been perfecting engineered fabric buildings and offering custom-built structures for nearly 50 years. 

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In-House Engineering

Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are custom-designed and engineered to meet specific snow loads and wind loads required by local or international building code (IBC). Gain peace of mind knowing research crews, scientists, and sensitive equipment will be protected from the elements.

High-Quality Fabric Building Materials

The high-quality materials used to produce fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are second to none. We have half a century of proven success in custom-designing and developing the most survivable shelter systems for research purposes. 

Our proprietary building components are engineered to seamlessly integrate with each other, providing a truly unique and scalable building solution that can rapidly be installed and left in-place to support long-term research projects or quickly taken down and moved to the next research station.

Temperature-Controlled Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures not only produces the highest-quality fabric buildings — we manufacture heavy-duty heaters and mil-spec HVAC units to create temperature-controlled fabric buildings capable of supporting research operations in extreme hot or cold climates. We offer a large assortment of heating and cooling systems, including:

  • 16kW heaters
  • Fuel-fired heaters 
  • Alaska ECU™ (mil-spec environmental control units)
  • Non-tactical environmental control units (heavy-duty HVAC systems)

Energy-Saving Solutions for Fabric Buildings

In addition to the many green building advantages we offer, we also develop many energy-saving products to reduce fuel and energy use while increasing the interior comfort of our fabric building solutions. These cost-saving systems include:

  • Proprietary insulation systems (for example: Alaska SuperLayer and Alaska EnerLayer) are available to meet high R-values.
  • Skylight packages create a bright living and working space utilizing natural light during the day.
  • Insulated flooring systems help to maintain comfortable interior temperatures and are available with modular flooring systems designed for uneven terrain.

Plug-and-Play Lighting and Electrical Systems for Fabric Buildings 

Just because you’re in a remote area of the world doesn’t mean your research team has to go without electricity. 

Alaska Structures supplies complete power systems capable of power generation and power distribution and features plug-and-play designs capable of quickly providing lights and electricity for research equipment and living needs even in the most remote locations of the world. 

Hygiene Facilities Using Fabric Buildings

Alaska Structures designs four-person to 10-person hygiene facilities using our custom fabric buildings. We offer an assortment of ruggedly durable and portable shower, latrine, and urinal systems. Equipped with quick-connect plumbing, our hygiene facilities quickly create a safe and sanitary location for research crews working in remote areas.

Fabric Buildings Designed for Portability 

When you’re on the go in the remote wilderness, it’s important to be able to transport supplies and research equipment and set up camp quickly. 

Alaska Structures produces a large selection of rotomold containers and carry bag systems, allowing you to quickly pack and store your fabric building or transport it to the next location. Our prefabricated building systems offer low-cube packaging and drastically reduce the logistical burden associated with transporting trailers and other modular building systems.

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Fabric Buildings Offer Shorter Construction Schedules

Once delivered, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures offer shorter construction schedules, allowing organizations to begin research in a fraction of the time compared to building traditional structures.

Alaska Structures produces rapidly deployable shelters capable of being set up in less than 10 minutes, especially useful for research operations needing to quickly establish workforce housing or portable buildings to support short-term research projects.

Furthermore, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures can be set up by general laborers or research crews. While we offer training and installation services for organizations that want to quickly establish a research facility, our fabric buildings do not require expensive supervisors or trained setup crews.

Maintenance-Free Fabric Buildings Designed for Long-Term Durability

Galvanized steel and heavy-duty aluminum frames combined with custom, architectural membranes ensure decades-long lifespans for all of our American-made fabric buildings. 

Once set up, fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are virtually maintenance-free, allowing research crews to focus on gathering important data and not constant building upkeep.

Prepare for Your Next Research Expedition With Fabric Buildings From Alaska Structures

Before your next research expedition, make sure to equip your team with the highest-quality shelter systems available. We have designed, engineered, produced, and delivered more than 65,000 engineered fabric buildings to over 85 countries around the world. No other fabric building manufacture comes close to our proven experience or expertise.

Contact Alaska Structures today to start preparing for your next research project. 

Alaska Structures
Alaska Structures® is the world's leading provider of engineered fabric building and turnkey camp systems. Our modular buildings are proudly made in the U.S. and designed to meet area-specific wind and snow loads required by local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) for safety. No other fabric-building provider comes close to matching our level of expertise or experience.

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