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Modular Buildings to Support Heavy Engineering, Mass Transit, Power Plant, and Construction Projects

The construction of large-scale engineering projects can take months, if not years to complete. Alaska Structures®️ modular buildings provide construction companies and engineering firms with tensioned fabric structures designed for rapid setup, drastically helping to reduce construction schedules. Modular structures from Alaska Structures can be configured for:

  • Workforce accommodations to house large labor crews
  • Complete worksite camps
  • Modular offices
  • Workshops
  • Equipment storage facilities
  • On-site warehousing
  • Maintenance and repair facilities

Since opening our doors in 1975, Alaska Structures has engineered, manufactured, and successfully delivered more than 65,000 modular buildings on time and within budget. Tens of thousands of customers in more than 85 countries around the world have proven our engineered polyvinyl fabric structures unmatched capabilities with decades of use in some of the most extreme environments.

Alaska Structures is the world’s leading manufacturer of engineered fabric buildings for large-scale construction of port and marine infrastructure, mass transit and power plant facilities, and heavy engineering projects.

Modular Buildings Designed for Marine and Port Facility Construction

Marine and port construction projects involve building, maintaining, and repairing heavy machinery for dredging, drilling, moving, and lifting. By definition, these port construction and repair projects are almost always located in or near water.

Office buildings designed for use at port facilities or marine construction sites must be rugged, durable, and able to withstand not only corrosive salt air, high humidity, but unexpected and extreme weather conditions that can suddenly arise because of their proximity to bodies of water.

When it comes to fabric structure buildings for extreme conditions, no other fabric building provider can match the proven experience and expertise of Alaska Structures. Our modular office buildings are designed for portability, allowing construction companies to easily setup, take down, and relocate the engineered fabric structure as needed. Fabrication shops, maintenance facilities, workshops, and equipment storage facilities from Alaska Structures are engineered to meet local and international building codes for safety. And once setup, are virtually maintenance free.

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Depending on the building size and building code requirement, our high-strength frame systems are available in galvanized steel or lightweight and aircraft-grade aluminum. Optional powder coating is available to provide extra protection from corrosive environments or chemicals that are used or stored inside the structure.

The tensioned fabric membranes from Alaska Structures are made using a proprietary blend of the highest-quality materials to produce an engineered fabric that is UV stabilized (not coated) for prolonged use in locations with high solar loads, resists mold and mildew, will not rot, offers a greater abrasion resistance compared to other polyethylene- and polyvinyl-based fabric covers, and exceeds the fire safety requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations for membrane structures.

Nearly every facet of an Alaska Structures modular building structures can be adapted to create a custom build structure capable of meeting unique building specifications needed for heavy engineering projects and large construction projects.

Modular Office Buildings for Mass Transit Construction

The construction of mass transit infrastructure is a booming industry as the nation struggles to build, improve and repair systems designed to move a growing population. The construction of transportation projects are often on tight deadlines. Delays are costly, and can be defined as critical infrastructure, requiring costly work-arounds if not managed or performed in an efficient manner.

Modular office spaces from Alaska Structures are prefabricated for easy portability to a construction site. The low cube and lightweight materials of our building system, combined with the ability to meet strict deadlines, save companies money in the long-run. With a less time needed to build a permanent structure, transit construction projects to remain on schedule and within budget don’t have to wait for the the cost-saving benefits of a quickly-deployed field office. Once the project or a phase of the transportation project is complete, the Alaska Structures office building system can easily be taken down and moved to the next location.

The free span design of our engineered fabric structures maximizes the use of interior space, allowing quick and efficient storage for large construction equipment.

Engineered Fabric Buildings for Hydroelectric and Power Plant Construction

The construction of hydroelectric dams and power plantstake years to complete and involve large crews of people. Heavy construction projects such as these are generally in remote places, away from urban centers.

Alaska Structures offers modular buildings for workforce housing and worksite camp systems that are easy to install, can be safely and securely anchored to nearly any level surface (including dirt, sand, gravel, asphalt, and concrete), are easily relocated, and designed to provide a long-lasting and durable housing solutions for workers, as well as facilities for equipment storage and maintenance. Alaska Structures offers a wide selection of building solutions for housing workers. We work closely with project managers, site directors, and EPCM firms from all over the world.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Heavy Construction Project and Modular Building Needs

Rely on our five-decades of proven excellence, providing engineered tension cloth structures and modular building systems for workforce housing and worksite camps to support large-scale and remote mass transit, power plant, marine and port facility, as well as other heavy engineering and construction projects!

We work closely with project managers, site directors, and EPCM firms from all over the world. Contact us to discuss your upcoming construction project.

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Alaska Structures
Alaska Structures® is the world's leading provider of engineered fabric building and turnkey camp systems. Our modular buildings are proudly made in the U.S. and designed to meet area-specific wind and snow loads required by local codes or the International Building Code (IBC) for safety. No other fabric-building provider comes close to matching our level of expertise or experience.

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