Foundation Options for Fabric Buildings

Precast block foundation for fabric structures.

An Engineered Fabric Structure Anchored to a Precast Concrete Block Foundation

Several anchoring and foundation options exist for tension fabric buildings, and a few things must be considered to determine the best option for your application. Two primary factors should direct your decision on foundation options:

  1. Do you require a temporary or a permanent foundation?
  2. What is the budget for your project?

Temporary foundation options are typically quicker and easier to install, and after disassembly and removal, will leave no lasting trace on the land. This is good for situations where long-term impact on the environment is a concern. The temporary foundation options are generally less expensive and require less skilled labor to install.

Permanent foundation options will stand the test of time and provide you with the most stable and long-lasting fabric buildings. Consider permanent foundations for sand and salt storage buildings, waste treatment facilities, aircraft hangers, vehicle maintenance buildings, and any other situation that requires a durable foundation.

No one foundation material works for every project or budget, but some foundation materials are ideally suited for our engineered fabric structures. The following are the recommended types of foundation materials that meet structural standards for Alaska Structures' fabric buildings:

  • Level Asphalt, Gravel, or Earth
  • Wood Platforms
  • Concrete
  • Intermodal Shipping Containers (ISO)
  • Precast Concrete Blocks (Ecology Blocks)
Concrete foundations:
• Poured-In-Place Concrete Slab
• Low-rise Poured-In-Place Concrete Walls
• Precast Concrete Slab Sections
• Continuous Concrete Footers
• Subgrade Concrete Pier Footers
Concrete slab foundation for fabric structures.

Poured-in-Place Concrete Foundation Option

Precast concrete block foundations:
Precast concrete blocks (aka ecology blocks) are often used for the foundations of fabric structures in commercial and industrial applications. They are highly portable, provide good stability, and leave no trace after removal.
Precast block foundation for fabric structures.

Precast Concrete Block Foundation Option

Intermodal Shipping Container Foundations:
Shipping containers make great fabric building foundations. Versatile, affordable, and simple to install with the right equipment, shipping container foundations are also ideal for adding height to your fabric structure, whether it is an open-ended or fully enclosed building.
Shipping container foundation for fabric structures.

Shipping Container Foundation Option

Wood platform foundations:
Wood platform foundations install quickly and work well for temporary structures or installations that require a semi-permanent building. Used commonly for large construction camps or to create workforce housing in remote locations, our Denali Building System™ features an insulated wood floor system built using heat-treated / pressure-treated beams and heat-treated decks. Flooring includes a vapor barrier and is insulated to R-13, with interior floor areas covered in linoleum.
Wood platform foundation for fabric structures.

Wood Platform Foundation Option

Anchoring System Options

Not every project requires a concrete foundation, and Alaska Structures offers other safe, high-strength, anchoring options that adhere to rigorous construction and engineering standards. Our 1/2” x 18” (1.27cm x 45.72cm) spikes and/or duckbill anchors are popular options for anchoring directly into the ground.

Ground Spike Anchor

Anchoring stake for fabric structures foundation.

Ground Spike for Temporary Structures

Wood Screw Anchor

Wood screw for fabric structures foundation.

Wood Screw Anchor for Temporary or Semi-Permanent Buildings.

Concrete Anchor System

Concrete anchor bolt for fabric structures foundation.

Concrete Anchor System for Temporary or Permanent Buildings.

Duckbill Anchor System

Duckbill anchor and stake for fabric structures foundation.

Duckbill Anchor System for Temporary or Semi-Permanent Buildings.

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