Extreme Weather Research Facilities from Alaska Structures

Extreme Weather Research Facilities from Alaska Structures

When your work takes you to areas with extreme conditions, the only thing to do is weather the storm. Be prepared to conquer anything Mother Nature throws at you with our revolutionary, double-engineered tensioned membrane research facilities from Alaska Structures, the world’s premiere fabric structures manufacturer.

Whether you're on an archeological dig in the jungles of South America or conducting glacier research in Antarctica, fabric buildings used as your research facility offer a superior alternative to traditional modular structures or rental facilities.

Benefits of Choosing Alaska Structures Fabric Research Facilities

Rapid installation and extreme portability are two major benefits of choosing fabric structures and turnkey camp systems from Alaska Structures. Other benefits include:

  • Cutting-edge manufacturing processes
  • Arctic-grade materials
  • Engineering independently tested and certified for snow loads and wind loads
  • Customizable to any layout, configuration and size
  • Proprietary insulation to any R-value of thermal resistance
  • Plug-and-play electrical systems
  • Ruggedized generators, HVAC and environmental control units (ECU)
  • Power distribution systems
  • Low-cube packaging for rapid, economical shipping
  • Secure anchoring to any surface, with or without foundations
  • Proven durability in extreme climates
  • UV-treated composite fabric membranes
  • Logistics support

High-strength steel or aluminum frames and durable composite fabrics keep your personnel, assets, and equipment safe and secure, regardless of your area of operations. Look at our Technology and Engineering page for more details.

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