Industrial Warehouse & Storage Buildings

Alaska Structures® provides industrial warehouse and storage solutions for customers around the world. Alaska Structures fabric roof buildings feature open-span architectural support systems designed for maximum interior space. Every Alaska Structures tensioned membrane structure is engineered to the latest IBC Code, ASCE/SEI 7, and AISC standards of design and construction.

Alaska Structures industrial warehouses and storage buildings are:

  • Easy to install and incredibly portable
  • Independently tested and certified for wind and snow loads
  • Field-tested for longevity in any climate
  • Available in proven sizes, styles and configurations

The GTX Series of gable truss buildings are uniquely suited for use as large warehouses. GTX buildings can be up to 150 feet wide and any length. The GBX Series of gable buildings range from 8 feet to 30 feet wide and are great for small or medium storage solutions. The HGX Series of heavy gable buildings are more robust versions of the GBX line of warehouses.

Alaska Structures creates fabric structures for hundreds of industrial warehouse and storage applications, including:

Alaska Structures manufactures its fabric buildings in the USA using durable proprietary tensioned membranes and high-strength aluminum or galvanized steel frames. Our fabric structures are easier to install than wood, metal or brick-and-mortar buildings. Alaska Structures warehouses and storage buildings also offer shorter build times and lower construction costs. Learn more about these advantages.

Industrial Warehouses and Storage Design Options

Alaska Structures offers hundreds of field-tested designs to meet your industrial storage and warehousing needs. Choose from a large selection of open-span buildings that do not require interior support columns. Select door packages in a wide range of sizes for personnel and equipment. Add electrical systems, lighting systems, environmental control units and proprietary insulation for any R-value of thermal resistance. Choose from a large selection of fabrics, including translucent fabric that allows in natural light for reducing energy costs associated with lighting during the day. Increase the longevity of your architectural support system by adding in-house powder coating.

Alaska Structures also offers:

  • Low-Cube Packaging
  • Secure Anchoring Options
  • Vertical Wall Designs
  • Hard-Wall Partitions
  • Window Packages
  • HVAC Systems
  • Flooring Systems

Alaska Structures can help you or your site manager with project management services, logistics support and installation assistance.

Warehousing Storage Fabric Structure

Heavy Equipment Maintenance & Repair

With heavy equipment and machinery purchases on the rise, it’s important to learn how to better care for purchased equipment. Understanding the differences between annual cost, life to date (LTD), and life cycle cost (LCC), and acting on that difference, will allow your business to reduce unwanted, preventable repair costs — ultimately keeping more money in your pocket for years to come. Our custom-built structures are designed to meet the unique challenges of your on-site heavy machinery repair and maintenance facilities. Choose from a wide selection of products, including equipment doors, personnel doors, plug-and-play lighting, insulation packages, and HVAC systems to utilize in any climate or weather condition.

Alaska Structures’ weatherproof fabric structures are engineered to protect your assets in the harshest conditions, including high wind, heavy ground snow loads, extreme heat, and more. Companies operating in remote locations that choose to leave equipment in place without coverage during the winter months risk breakdowns from  exposure to the elements. Consequences are just as time-consuming as they are costly.

When equipment and machinery in off-the-grid locations suffer a breakdown, it can take months for replacement parts to arrive. Companies with a short construction window can’t afford these kinds of setbacks.

Our fabric facilities also offer many advantages over typical construction; they’re quick to set up and take down, can easily relocate to different job sites, and are designed with energy-efficient technology in mind. They can also be outfitted with heaters and insulation features such as our EnerLayer®, SuperLayer™, and Solar Fly® add-ons to keep vehicle and equipment fluids at above-freezing temperatures.

Auto Manufacturing Plants

Engineered fabric buildings are a viable option for automakers interested in saving construction time for building manufacturing facilities and ensuring a good return on their investment. When compared to traditional construction, engineered fabric buildings are more cost-effective and can be assembled and ready to go in a fraction of the time. For automakers that are struggling to keep up with the shift towards SUV and light truck production, or investing in manufacturing space for creating new assembly lines for hybrid or electric vehicle production, this efficiency can give them a competitive advantage by allowing them to quickly ramp up production.

Unmatched Efficiency in Time, Energy and Portability

Alaska Structures engineers and produces many of the support systems designed to increase comfort and energy efficiency, as well as seamlessly integrate with our building systems. This one-stop approach allows us to custom-design building solutions for manufacturing space that are more energy efficient, saves time, and can easily be relocated.

When it comes to manufacturing in locations with extreme weather, including high or low temperatures, not only can equipment issues arise, but this can also have an effect on worker efficiency. Manufacturing and working on assembly floors is already a physically demanding job, provide workers with a comfortable work environment that is insulated from the extreme swings of high temperatures in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter with one of our proprietary insulation packages. Engineered to meet any R-value of thermal resistance, an Alaska Structures building system equipped with the proper insulation system can provide a level of comfort while reducing heating or cooling costs. Our integrated product approach allows us to create insulated fabric buildings that are highly portable, pack small for low-cube shipping, and are easy to erect quickly, no matter your skill level.

Our engineered fabric structures are easy to set up and take down, enabling flexibility in the rapidly changing automobile industry. Minimal foundation requirements mean that our modular buildings can be set up on any level surface, be it concrete, gravel, asphalt, or earth. With unmatched portability and easy transfer between locations, our fabric structures minimize build times and the cost of transport, helping automakers to be ready for production in a fraction of the time required for brick-and-mortar or steel buildings.

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures provide many cost-saving benefits for automakers when compared to buildings made from traditional construction, such as:

  • Minimal foundation requirement allows your production facility to be safely installed onto virtually any level surface, reducing the need for expensive and timely pre-construction site work.
  • Assembly can be done by general labor, eliminating the need for expensive setup crews, trained contractors, or supervisors required by other tensioned fabric building providers.
  • Drastically shorter construction schedules allow you to start or expand automobile production much faster.
  • Translucent skylight material allows for the utilization of natural light during the day and creates a bright and safe working environment while reducing energy usage and costs.
  • Plug-and-play lighting and electrical systems, available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz, eliminate the need for expensive electricians¹.
  • Optional insulation packages capable of meeting any R-Value provide a greater level of comfort and help reduce heating and/or cooling costs.
  • Engineered to meet local and international building codes for safety and long-lasting durability.
  • Easily expanded, reconfigured, or relocated as your manufacturing needs change.

Commercial Construction

Traditional brick and mortar buildings aren’t feasible for many commercial construction projects. They’re expensive to build and, by nature, are not relocatable. And in many scenarios, these traditional buildings cause problems with local authorities and community members. This is because they’re often left behind when an industrial or commercial company moves locations or an operation reaches completion.   

Modular Offices

Modular buildings create high-performance field offices. 

Alaska Structures’ modular office buildings are a convenient solution for temporary field offices, semi-permanent job-site offices, as well as prolonged use for mobile offices used at large-scale construction projects. They can easily be moved from one job site to the next and are designed for rugged, long-lasting durability to endure some of the most extreme weather conditions. 

They provide a better alternative for office space, especially in remote locations, because they’re designed to sustain any term length and rarely need maintenance work. Traditional office trailers aren’t suitable for semi-permanent or prolonged use since they require frequent and costly maintenance.

Alaska Structures’ mobile offices feature a lightweight and low-cube design, providing drastic savings in logistics and transportation costs. 

Choose from a large selection of building models, including the SQX Series, GBX Series, TSX Series, Denali Series, HGX Series, and the XPL Series, which can be fully assembled in less than 10 minutes, greatly reducing construction schedules for on-site infrastructure.

Insulated fabric structure withstanding an extreme cold and snowy climate.

Heated Structures for Cold-Weather Concreting

Cold weather can slow or entirely halt the construction of transportation infrastructure. Keeping concrete warm is essential for the development of roads, streets, sidewalks, culverts, pilings, piers, approach slabs, and anchorage systems. 

When a project requires pouring and curing concrete in extreme cold temperatures — “cold-weather concreting” —  on-site temporary facilities that span the width of the roadway are essential in keeping the fresh concrete heated before moving to a different area of the road.

If an operation site doesn’t meet temperature standards, concreting in cold weather will often require covering the freshly poured concrete with blankets, which can be a time-consuming hassle. 

Alaska Structures has vast experience working with Public Works and Transportation Departments as well as highway and road construction firms to custom-build and design heated structures for cold-weather concreting construction projects.

On-Site Facilities for Transportation Construction Projects

On-site facilities become increasingly important the more remote your construction project is because they reduce transportation costs, equipment repair times, and complicated logistics. 

Instead of exposing vehicles and equipment to harsh weather, including cold temperatures that put your assets at risk, you can keep them protected with Alaska Structures’ vehicle storage and maintenance facilities.

Our custom-built storage facilities are great for protecting fleets of trucks, cranes, and cement mixers; storing bulk materials; and preventing wind-blown contamination. 

Our fabric buildings feature open span interiors up to 150’ wide and are available with any side-wall height and in any length. Fabric buildings from Alaska Structures can be custom-designed with insulation and HVAC systems similar to a conventional building to create a temperature-controlled warehouse, vehicle maintenance facility, or storage space for bulk materials. Our fabric structures have the added benefit of being quickly relocated to the next remote construction site.

Warehousing Storage Fabric Structure

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