Denali Classroom Systems

Denali Classroom Systems™

The Denali Classroom System answers the need for quickly providing additional classrooms and teaching space when and where needed. Designed for either temporary or permanent use, the Denali Classroom System is the latest in portable classrooms. Spacious and bright interiors, an unmatched level of portability, reusability, and the most energy efficient design in the industry, combine to create a safe and comfortable learning environment for students and an excellent investment for schools.

Versatile Portable Classrooms for Any School

Denali Classroom Systems offer an unmatched level of versatility and are well suited for creating teaching spaces and classrooms during new school construction, school expansion and renovation projects, as well as for start-up, private, and charter schools. Additionally, the Denali Classroom System can be used for training rooms, administrative offices, teacher lounges, childcare facilities, and research laboratories.

Denali Classrooms are an engineered and prefabricated building system, manufactured in the USA, utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques and the highest quality materials to produce a building system that is more portable and reusable than typical wood modular classrooms. After delivery to your site, an experienced construction team will construct the Denali Classroom System, which is included in the price of the Denali Classroom System.

The Denali Classroom System is easily configured for use at all levels of education. Denali Classroom Systems provide modular classroom and teaching space for the following:

  • Primary schools
  • Elementary schools
  • Middle schools
  • High schools
  • Combined schools
  • Higher education institutions

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Denali Classroom System Features

The Denali Classroom System is 24 ft. wide by 80 ft. long, and offers a free span interior with a cathedral ceiling of 14 ft. at the peak. A unique central utility room, with space for a sink, washer/dryer, refrigerator and food prep area, separates the two classrooms, each up to 960 square feet. An ADA compliant ramp, complete with a 120-square ft. covered porch with awning and stairway is an attractive and inviting entrance to the Denali Classroom System. Two emergency exits with stairways provide easy egress in the event of an emergency.

Four large windows in each classroom cultivate a bright interior, helping to create a positive environment conducive to learning. LED lights provide an energy-efficient and bright light source during non-daylight hours. Proprietary insulation systems for the sidewalls and ceiling, as well as the portable flooring system developed by Alaska Structures, capable of meeting insulation values of R-43 and R-35 (respectively), drastically reduce the energy required to maintain a comfortable interior and meet the latest state energy codes.

Ballistic panels for the utility rooms are available to create “safe” areas. For locations with a high snow load and wind load, we offer a heavy-duty series of the Denali Classroom System. Additional air conditioning is available for desert locations. Portable power generation and distribution systems are available for remote locations or for backup power.

Benefits of the Denali Classroom System

The Denali Classroom System offers a quick, versatile, and cost-effective solution for creating high performance classroom space. The low life cycle cost and ability to be moved multiple times without damage to the building are unmatched in the modular classroom industry. With over 65,000 engineered and portable fabric buildings delivered to more than 85 countries around the world, Alaska Structures’ experience designing and engineering portable building systems is unmatched.

When compared to traditional modular classrooms, the Denali Classroom System is better equipped to handle the ongoing needs of accomplishing high-performance strategies, growing student populations, and shifting demographics. This includes meeting short-term temporary portable classroom needs as well supporting long-term investment strategies for creating permanent modular classrooms.

The unique and spacious ceiling design of the Denali Classroom System, not found in typical trailer- or container-based modular classrooms, creates a wonderful sense of spaciousness.

With a focus on energy efficiency, and as schools and school districts seek to reduce overall operating and maintenance costs, it is important new building technologies like the Denali Classroom System provide a “green” advantage over traditional modular classrooms. The Denali Classroom System meets the latest state energy codes and is the greenest portable building design for new school construction, school renovation, or school addition projects. Once installed, the Denali Classroom System is virtually maintenance free, drastically reducing the maintenance costs associated with operating and maintaining typical school buildings. When compared with other modular classrooms, the Denali Classroom System offers the most energy efficient features in the industry.

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