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Fabric building camp system and mining camp

Mining Operation uses Alaska Structures’ Camp Systems

It’s easy to talk about the benefits of fabric buildings in mining operations, but third-party insight is invaluable. This article provides an example of practical application of fabric buildings in the real world. A manager of a mining site, Mike Smith, uses Alaska Structures fabric buildings to set up his mining operations. Operations include sleepers, offices, showers, and dining rooms. According to Smith, camps set up in days, including water and electrical work, much faster than building a traditional structure. Alaska Minerals saves time and money to have efficient operations using fabric buildings. These low-cost operations make mining operations competitive and profitable.

Fabric Buildings for Aleutian Island Community

Proven Longevity for Aleutian Island Community

The Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association (APICDA) is a community, non-profit fishery in Alaska. They use profits to rebuild communities and fund education and training for members. In addition to those services, they provide grants. Alaska is known for it’s harsh weather with unforgiving wind and heavy snowfall. Operations based there, like APICDA, need strong and long-lasting buildings to withstand the storms. APICDA uses fabric shelters from Alaska Structures on their site. They are noted for being easy to install and very durable; APICDA keeps the fabric buildings up all year long. Another benefit is the cost-savings, whereas a hard-sided lodge may cost about $500,000, the fabric building they used came just under $100,000. This interview helps demonstrate the quality and benefits of using fabric structures.

Fabric-covered Fabrication and Maintenance Workshop

Proven Toughness in Rugged Mining Environments

S&M Construction is a contractor working in the mining industry, with reclamation and cleanup services. They also specialize in crushing rocks for use as aggregate. They are based in Arizona, where there are copper mines. Proper worksite protection is vital because of the harsh weather conditions. There is excessive heat and monsoons which can cause metals to rust or paint stripping. S&M Construction chose Alaska Structures to build a fabrication shop on-site, and used the structures for about six years. This interview highlights the benefits of using fabric structures including customization, mobility, lots of space, and long-lasting, low-maintenance structures.