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Explore the World with Our Fly-In Camps and Aircraft Hangars

World travelers love new experiences and sites but may not love the logistics of traveling. Travel can be especially troublesome for those who fly their own aircraft around the world because they need a place to store it. One solution is to used portable fabric structures to serve as an aircraft hangar. Alaska Structures makes these buildings that are easy and quick to deploy that travelers can take with them as they go. There is even the option of using a hard-shell case for the structure to protect it from falls or other damage while traveling. These are just a few benefits of using fabric structures for aircraft protection while on the go.

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Options for Deployable Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangars are a necessary tool to protect aircraft from the elements when they aren’t in use. It’s important to explore your options when buying an aircraft hangar because you want the best value with the best protection for your assets. Alaska Structures builds fabric aircraft hangars that can be used to store any aircraft, from hot-air balloons to to helicopters. The structures can handle extreme weather conditions, including high-winds and heavy snow, and operate in some of the harshest areas. These hangars can have custom designs and are even portable. These structures provide added conveniences in addition to reliable protection.

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A Few Applications of Our Fabric Buildings

One of the major benefits of fabric buildings is that they are so versatile; fabric buildings are useful in many different situations. From government agencies to private businesses, many trust Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings to carry out their work operations. These fabric buildings can withstand harsh conditions and undergo careful testing from third-party engineers to ensure the products quality. Fabric buildings can be useful in any one of these situations: polar camps, aircraft hangars, oil and gas operations, mining, emergency housing systems, and recreational buildings. These buildings can work for more industries and operations than ones previously mentioned and their applications are nearly endless.

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Frac-Sand Production Poised for Increase Despite Falling Oil Prices

Fracking is becoming an increasingly popular method of oil and natural gas extraction. This method of gas collection is boosting energy production in the united states and frac-sand is becoming more in demand. Market researchers forecast a double digit increase and up to a 23% annual growth through 2016. If you are working in the oil and gas industry you must be prepared for the increased demand frac-sand and other fracking materials. You will need to store all the sand and equipment, so be sure to look into all storage options. One cost friendly solution is to use fabric buildings as warehouses for frac-sand. Many manufactures make fabric buildings, including Alaska Structures, so research companies and their products to find the best solution for your operation.

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