The Benefits of Fabric Buildings from Alaska Structures

A high quality fabric building from Alaska Structures® offers many benefits over existing building methods such as brick-and-mortar, wood, or steel buildings.
Fabric Buildings By Alaska Structures

  • Application specific design - Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings can be customized to meet your needs, no matter the size or intended application of your building requirement.
  • Worldwide delivery and support - our fabric buildings are used in more than 65 countries.
  • Technical expertise - Over 55,000 engineered fabric structures from Alaska Structures have been constructed around the world. Our 40+ years of proven expertise designing and manufacturing fabric structures cannot be matched.
  • In-house engineering and design teams ensure safety and compliance with local or international building codes.
  • High-strength architectural membranes are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) based and used for all of our building systems. Compared to polyethylene (PE) products used by other companies, our architectural membranes provide greater abrasion resistance, snow shed, ease of repair, longevity, are mold and mildew resistant, and can be recycled.
  • An optional electrostatically applied powder coat (available in a large selection of colors) provides an added level of protection from rust, salt air, oxidation, humidity, and other environmental factors. Powder coating is available for both our aluminum frame and galvanized steel frame systems.
  • Clear-span design - provides an unobstructed interior space and maximizes the utilization of every square foot of interior space.
  • Energy-efficient design helps to reduce heating and cooling costs. Translucent fabrics can be used to allow more natural light, reducing power needed to light the structure during the day. Proprietary insulation and HVAC systems can be used to maintain an interior temperature and avoid freezing.
  • Prompt delivery - Alaska Structures' fabric buildings feature low-cube packaging for quick and economical shipping.
  • Minimal foundation requirements allow Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings to be setup with less site preparation than metal, wood, or brick-and-mortar structures. Saving both time and pre-construction costs while reducing environmental impact.
  • Optional installation services - performed by or supervised by our highly qualified and experienced building specialists. Ideal for projects with a short construction schedule or first time fabric building owners.
  • Maintenance free - our tension fabric structures, once setup, do not require maintenance or upkeep compared to steel buildings, brick-and-mortar, or wood construction.
  • Permanent or portable installations - Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings, by design, can be taken down and easily moved from one location to another. Steel buildings, wood structures and brick-and-mortar constructions are designed to be installed permanently and are not easily moved.
  • Lower life cycle costs. Investing in an Alaska Structures' fabric building is a big decision and one that offers long-term savings. When amortized over the life of the building, the cost of ownership is much less than steel buildings, brick-and-mortar, or wood buildings.

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