Camp Systems

Field-Tested Camp Systems

Alaska Structures® creates the world’s best camp systems, something we’ve done since 1975. We got our start producing fully engineered fabric buildings for use in extreme-cold climates. In the years since, we have field-tested our tensioned fabric membrane structures for safe and durable use in any climate. You can find our Camp Systems in use for commercial, industrial, and governmental applications on every continent. Alaska Structures' fabric buildings are portable, easy to install, and uniquely suited for sheltering people and equipment. Our fabric structures are versatile enough for use as dining halls, recreation centers, mobile offices, dorms, and any other remote camp application. Alaska Structures creates small camps for mineral or oil-and-gas exploration and large turnkey camp systems for as many as 5,000 people. We also offer the technologically advanced and eco-friendly Denali Building System™. If you want more information or a price quote for field-tested Alaska Structures Camp Systems, fill out our online request form on the right, or call +1-907-344-1565 to speak with a building specialist.

Versatile Camp Systems

Alaska Structures' fabric buildings and camp systems are famous for their portability, durability, and versatility. Alaska Structures Camp Systems are uniquely suited for use as:

  • Polar Camps
  • Fly-In Camps
  • Desert Camps
  • Tropical/Jungle Camps
  • Survival Shelters
  • Workforce Camps
  • Remote Camps
  • Hunting Camps
  • Fishing Camps
  • Base Camps
  • Research Camps
  • Emergency Response

Camp System Designs

Alaska Structures creates the best tensioned membrane structures on the market. We have a large catalogue of standard designs, and you can customize your fabric structure or Camp System with a wide range of options. We can design camp systems to include temporary power distribution and generation, wastewater treatment, potable water treatment, kitchens, showers and more. Every fabric structure and/or camp system from Alaska Structures can be designed to meet local building codes. Our rugged fabric structures withstand inclement weather and are easier to install than buildings made from traditional construction materials. Alaska Structures' fabric buildings feature low-cube packaging for quick, economical shipping. They can be easily packed in and out of remote camp areas and can be built with less site preparation than metal, wood and brick-and-mortar structures. Our tensioned membrane structures are also superior alternatives to ISO containers for worksite camps. We create Alaska Structures Camp Systems and fabric structures to meet your needs, no matter the size or intended commercial, industrial, or governmental applications of your project.


Camp Systems for Mining Operations
The owner of a mining logistics & supply company continues to use proven Alaska Structures camp systems. It takes the outfitter about five days to build a 15-man camp system.

High Altitude Basecamps from Alaska Structures
Tension fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are the No. 1 choice of adventure tourism companies who need dependable basecamp shelters for locations such as Mount Everest.

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