Renewable Energy Fabric Buildings

Renewable Energy Facilities, Storage and Buildings

For several decades, Alaska Structures® has been the leading manufacturer of highly durable, long-lasting fabric buildings for a variety of industries and applications. With the increasing demand for renewable energy sources, Alaska Structures' tension fabric structures offer ideal solutions for secure and portable storage buildings, operations facilities, and accommodations support.

These tension membrane structures are more durable, versatile and eco-friendly as compared with traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. The renewable energy industry can benefit from Alaska Structures' buildings for solar panel temporary storage, solar farm storage buildings, enclosures to protect equipment for wind farm and geothermal energy production, and more.

The most common applications for Alaska Structures products in renewable energy operations include:

  • Storage buildings for wind and solar farms
  • Machine and equipment enclosures
  • Temporary storage for solar panels and other materials
  • Protected energy monitoring facilities
  • Portable operations buildings
  • Efficient camp facilities for on-site personnel

For wind farms and locations commonly affected by high winds, the HGX Series includes heavy gable structures that reliably withstand the rugged climate. The GTX Series is an optimal truss-arch design for storage and warehousing facilities to house large equipment and components of renewable energy machinery. For mobile maintenance facilities needed to support ongoing production efforts, the MTX Series maintenance buildings are incredibly portable and easy to erect, with minimal site preparation or foundation requirements.

All Alaska Structures fabric buildings are manufactured from incredibly durable and long-lasting Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabrics and high-strength aluminum or galvanized steel frames. Their resilience in harsh weather has been independently field-tested and proven - even in the most extreme environments.

Our building representatives can work with you to customize any fabric structures to meet unique requirements. In addition, all Alaska Structures buildings are engineered to facilitate our standard design options, which include:

  • Independent, field-tested design
  • Complete customization opportunities
  • Truss-arch interiors for maximum useable space
  • Minimized build times
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Low-cube, economical shipping
  • Secure anchoring to virtually any flat surface (minimal foundation)
  • Variety in add-on options (i.e. doors and windows, powder coating, etc.)
  • Support for project management and/or logistics

For more information on fabric buildings for the renewable energy industry or to order your Alaska Structures fabric buildings today, call +1-907-344-1565, email, or contact us online.

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