Lower Energy Costs Spur Manufacturing Increase

Manufacturing in the United States is catching up with China, at least from a cost standpoint, and the major reason is fracking, according to Fortune.

Citing a report from BCG, Fortune states that the cost to manufacture goods in the USA is only 5 percent higher than it is in China. BCG predicts that by 2018 manufacturing costs in the USA will be 2 to 3 percent cheaper than those found in China.

The USA’s standing as the world’s top hydraulic fracturing (fracking) nation has driven down energy costs by as much 30 to 50 percent compared to other major exporters.

What does it mean in the here and now? American companies are boosting productivity faster than their international competitors.

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GTX gable fabric truss building exterior with metal door.

Exterior of a GTX Series warehouse with a metal equipment door.

You can order GTX Series buildings up to 150’ wide and any length for use as warehouses, storage buildings, dining halls, workshops and more. You can also choose HGX Series, GBX Series, and SQX Series buildings up to 30’ wide, and MTX Series tension fabric structures up to 40’ wide.

Our versatile fabric structures are perfect for use as dormitories, dining halls, smaller workshops, small and medium storage units, maintenance buildings, mobile offices and more. We also manufacture shelters suitable for frac-sand storage and for use as pump enclosures.

You can choose from hundreds of field-tested designs and configurations that offer proven performance in any climate. See our Products page for more information.

Alaska Structures' fabric buildings save time and reduce construction costs because they’re easier to install on any level surface than metal, wood or brick-and-mortar buildings. Alaska Structures' fabric structures can be customized with personnel and equipment doors, vertical sidewalls for added height, partitions, energy-efficient electrical, lighting and climate control, security systems and hundreds more standard options.

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