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What’s YOUR Special Sauce?

Writing for USA Today’s Money section on Nov. 10, small business lawyer Steve Strauss stepped into his pop culture way-back machine to ask an important question that should be on every business owner’s mind: ‘Entrepreneurs, what’s YOUR special sauce?’

Using an old McDonald’s Big Mac advertising campaign as the basis for his question, Strauss explained what he meant:

In business parlance, ‘secret sauce’ has come to mean that thing that you do that is unique, different, and special. When a (venture capitalist) looks to invest in a startup, they will look at many different things, including the financials, the entrepreneur, his or her team, and yes, their secret sauce.

Strauss expanded his question to include small businesses that aren’t looking for investors. How do they brand themselves to stand out in a crowded marketplace? It’s a question that seems to be on everybody’s minds.

At Alaska Structures®, creating fully engineered fabric structures is our special sauce. All our building solutions meet or exceed local and International Building Code (IBC) standards for safety. But we don’t stop there. Independent third-party experts test and certify the quality and safety of our engineering, which sets us apart from a lot of the other manufacturers.

So when was the last time you asked yourself, ‘What’s my business doing to stand out from the crowd?’

To learn more about how we stand out in the fabric buildings industry, call +1-907-344-1565, email inquiry@alaskastructures.com, or contact us online.

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