Mining Operations Cutting Costs with Budget-Friendly Fabric Buildings

Volatility in the mining industry has mine operators looking for ways to cut costs. The Australian mining industry is facing severe cuts to operations and jobs facing significant losses across the sector. A recent report from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) states, "The sector is facing one of the toughest periods in history, with 2016...defined by weak domestic opportunities and falling commodities prices forcing companies to reexamine the cost structures of operations."

Despite this, many emerging trends in the mining industry may provide solutions and opportunities for improvement, worldwide.

A Solution For Rising Mining Costs 

One option for mining operations who need budget-friendly and efficient building solutions around the world is to use fabric structures. More cost effective than traditional building construction, these tension fabric buildings address some key financial concerns within the mining industry. Fabric buildings have longer-lasting and energy efficient designs and features, portable functionality, and maximum space. These budget-friendly fabric buildings offer one solution to cutting mining costs.

Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings for mining operations can reduce costs in the following ways:

Durable fabric buildings for mining operations.

Durable fabric buildings on mine site.

Durable, Long-Lasting Design

Our fabric building designs are second to none in the standard of quality and longevity. Our buildings undergo independent, third party testing and certification.  Whether its our MTX Series maintenance facilities or our HGX Series heavy gable buildings, you can expect years of use. Our buildings last in even the most extreme climates and weather conditions. Testing shows the design of our structures can withstand heavy snow loads while remaining structurally secure in high winds. Alaska Structures’ resilient fabric buildings minimize the need for repairs throughout their life in the field. Furthermore, our long-lasting design will postpone the need for replacement.

Highly Efficient

Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies are central to the mining industry’s future. Deloitte’s report on the top 10 issues faced by mining companies in 2016 states, “Some miners have realized energy savings of 10% to 40% by investing in renewable energy installations, deploying innovative energy technologies and driving towards more automated mine processes to optimize energy consumption.”

Alaska Structures tension fabric buildings' insulation against the elements reduces energy costs by eliminating wasted heating or cooling. We also offer additional features such as special UV coating on the exterior membrane, ruggedized and efficient environmental control units. As well as proprietary insulation options to further diminish needless energy consumption and waste.


Engineering of all Alaska Structures products include portability as a critical feature. Our tension fabric structures are easy to setup and teardown in any environment. They also deploy on almost any flat foundation or base. With unmatched portability and easy transfer between locations, our fabric structures minimize build times and costs associated with transport. Therefore getting your mining operations running at a fraction of the time and cost of brick-and-mortar or steel buildings. For faster setup, we offer turnkey solutions like our Denali Series Camp Systems for your workforce housing needs and beyond.

Fabric buildings feature free-span design.

Fabric buildings feature maximum usable interior space.

Maximum Useable Interior Space

With our proprietary free-span design, Alaska Structures’ fabric buildings are optimal for use as storage and also warehousing facilities. You need no supportive cross beams or pillars. This allows full use of your building’s interior space from the ground to the peak of the ceiling. You can fit more inside our structures, accommodating unusually shaped equipment and machinery. Therefore, protecting sensitive items from the elements as you enact maintenance or repairs.

Fully Customizable Designs

In addition to offering a wide range of tension membrane fabric structures for commonly needed mining facilities, we offer customization. Alaska Structures’ building specialists are able to work with you on completely custom buildings and building systems. We work with you to meet your needs for sizing and special features. As well as, implementing applicable systems such as HVAC and lighting/electrical packages. All structures adhere to local and IBC codes and standards. Our buildings offer the most effective, uniquely tailored solution to your exact needs for mining operations and facilities.

For more information or to order your Alaska Structures fabric buildings today, call +1-907-344-1565, email, or contact us online.

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    I’ve always wondered how projects that are out in the middle of nowhere have shelter. It makes sense that they would have clear-span structures to offer that! It’s the perfect place to store equipment and supplies when they aren’t being used.

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