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Alaska Structures To Attend Exponor Chile 2019

Exponor Chile 2019

May 27th - May 30th
Booth 422, Silver Exhibit hall, USA Pavillion

One of the world’s largest mining and innovation shows, Exponor, is returning to Antofagasta, Chile next month. With over 1,000 exhibitors coming and over 40,000 visitors expected, this four-day expo will be the largest and most important mining event of the year! Alaska Structures is set to return to Exponor to demonstrate improvements and innovations in engineered fabric structures. We’re the leader in custom-built engineered structures for mining operations, including equipment storage, workforce accommodations, and remote camps. Representatives from Alaska Structures look forward to seeing you at Exponor to discuss engineered modular building needs for your mining operation!

Schedule an appointment and speak with a representative at the show!

Benefits of Engineered Fabric Buildings for Mining

Alaska Structures is the world’s leading supplier and premier choice for innovative building solutions engineered for portability and long-lasting durability. Engineered fabric buildings are suited for quickly establishing modular buildings for mining project facilities in remote locations and offer the following advantages:

1. Designed for easy and rapid installation, are highly portable, and are engineered to withstand extreme climates.
2. Ability to easily be relocated, reconfigured, or expanded as mining operation needs change.
3. Reduced construction schedules compared to other conventional building solutions to allow mining companies to begin operations in a fraction of the time.
For more information on how engineered fabric buildings can be used for mining or workforce housing, or to discuss our custom-built structure options, visit us at Exponor 2019 or contact us now!

Denali-Series Fabric Buildings

GTX-Series Fabric Buildings

XPL-Series Quick-erect Fabric Quonset Hut

Alaska Structures GTX-Series Bulk Sand, Salt, & Frac Sand Storage Buildings

Alaska Structures XPL-Series Remote Camp Systems

Alaska Structures Denali-Series Remote Camp Systems

Discuss Custom-Built Structures for Mining with Us at Exponor!

Engineered fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are custom-built structures designed to meet the specific building requirements for your mining operation or mineral exploration project. Available from 8’ wide to 150’ wide, with any side-wall height, and to any length, fabric membrane structures can be used to support a wide range of mine site activities, including:

  • Workforce Housing: Modular structures for housing accommodations can be configured with open plan housing designs or appointed with soft- or hard-wall partition systems to create to private sleeping quarters with en suite bathrooms, such as the Alaska Denali Building System™ - a revolutionary building system that combines the portability of an engineered fabric structure with the privacy and comforts of hard-wall structures.
  • Emergency Shelters: Don’t let “weather permitting” delay your exploration or mining activities. Emergency shelters from Alaska Structures provide scientists, staff, and work crews a safe and protected place to seek refuge should a sudden storm or the weather turn and create dangerous working conditions.
  • Core Storage Facilities: Keep core samples safe and organized with a core storage facility. Alaska Structures offers a large number of building designs for small or large core storage facilities.
  • Large Buildings for Onsite Infrastructure: Remote mining operations looking to reduce downtime and create large and protected spaces require large buildings. Engineered fabric buildings allow mining and exploration companies to quickly construct large facilities for on-site warehousing, processing plants, crushing facilities, mining truck repair and maintenance buildings, and more - all possible with the Alaska GTX Series.
  • Overland Conveyor Enclosures: Mining operations utilizing overland conveyor structures and looking to reduce fugitive dust should consider using engineered fabric structures to reduce wind-blown contamination of environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Construction Camps: In locations where infrastructure does not exist, constructing a mine site can take years. Engineered fabric buildings are a great choice for building construction camps, reducing logistics, and fast-tracking overall construction efforts.
  • Expeditionary Shelters: Prospecting and mineral exploration require crews travel and work in remote locations for relatively short periods of time. Lightweight structures capable of being transported by any number of means and engineered for rapid setup are an essential item for exploration crews operating in remote and life-threatening climates. The XPL Series of fabric buildings from Alaska Structures are designed for rapid mobility, allowing exploration teams to create a safe and protected space from the elements in less than 10 minutes.
  • Remote Mining Camps and Support Facilities: Engineered fabric buildings are the perfect modular building for workforce housing and support facilities. They can be quickly setup, designed to provide any level of accommodation, scaled to support growing mining operations, and used permanently as remote housing facilities for decades of use or easily relocated to the next mining or exploration project. In addition to providing remote mining camps, our engineered fabric buildings can be used for construction camps, man camps, fly-in camps, and even turnkey camps complete with hygiene facilities, mine dry facilities, kitchen and dining halls, offices for administration, recreation facilities, maintenance and repair shops and more...

Visit us at Exponor 2019 to discuss your mining project, or contact us to request more information!

Photos of Previous Mining Camps, Exploration Shelters, Workforce Housing, and Onsite Mining Infrastructure

Why Choose Modular Building Systems from Alaska Structures?

  • Unmatched technical, engineering and manufacturing expertise – more than 65,000 modular structures and mining buildings produced and delivered on time and within budget
  • Application specific, custom designed and custom-built structures from 8’ wide to 150' wide, to any height or length
  • Free span building design maximizes use of interior space
  • Designed to accommodate any number of personnel or equipment doors, windows, lighting and electrical systems, HVAC, energy-saving insulation systems, soft- or hard-wall partitions, and complexed to create a connected camp
  • Compliance with local or international building codes for safety
  • Minimal foundation requirements – our engineered fabric buildings can be installed and safely secured to nearly any surface type and require less site preparation work
  • Assembly can be performed by construction crews or non-skilled labor
  • High-strength frame systems made of aircraft grade and lightweight aluminum or galvanized steel for unmatched safety
  • Optional powder coating for highly corrosive environments
  • Long-lasting architectural membranes engineered to offer:
    • Greater abrasion resistance than other polyvinyl- or polyethylene-based fabric covers
    • Will not rot
    • Resistant to mold and mildew
    • Laboratory and field-tested to withstand extreme temperatures from -80˚F to +130˚F
    • UV stabilized for prolonged exposure to high solar loads – can be used to support mining and mineral exploration projects in desert, tropical, or high-altitude environments
    • Exceeds the fire safety requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations for membrane structures
  • Virtually maintenance free, reducing time and cost needed to maintain mine site infrastructure
  • Can be installed and used as permanent mine site facility or designed for portability and easily relocated
  • Worldwide delivery and support
  • Lower life cycle costs over the life of the building

Visit Us at EXPONOR CHILE 2019!

We welcome you to visit us at Exponor 2019 to learn more about how our engineered fabric structures are perfectly suited for mining operations! Or, contact now to learn more about custom-built engineered fabric structures!

Exponor 2019

Antofagasta Industrial Association (AIA) Event and Community Activity Ground
Pedro Aguirre Cerda 17101, La Portada Sector, Antofagasta