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Green Building Practices With Alaska Structures

Nationally and globally there have been efforts to reduce waste and pollution on our planet, including the recent Paris Agreement. With global warming and new legislation, operations must use energy-efficient and eco-friendly buildings to help the planet and avoid lawsuits. Green buildings efficiently use energy, protect occupant health and reduce waste and pollution according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Alaska Structures offers a solution for operations managers that will follow EPA standards while not increasing operation costs a lot. Their fabric structures are equipped with lots of options that cut down energy costs, are reusable, and comfortable for employees to work in.

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Cold-Climate and Extreme-Altitude Mining Solutions

Mining operations often take managers and miners to the most remote locations with extremely harsh conditions. They need structures that can protect them as they work, and will last the length of the operation. For instance, the Bema Gold mines are in far east Russia, where weather conditions are extreme. It snows 315 days a year with an average temperature of -67°F and up to 132 mph wind gusts. They have fabric buildings from Alaska Structures that they used for 10 years before replacing them. The Bema Gold mines and other operations facing similar harsh weather need durability and long-lasting quality, which their designs can provide.

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2015 Commercial Construction Forecast

Industry analysts are forecasting a busy 2015 for commercial construction. Alaska Structures™ is ready to provide your company with best-selling fabric building solutions specifically engineered for construction applications.
Construction industry analysts forecast a busy market for 2015, with boosts in production needs. Public works, commercial building, single-family homes, and multi-family homes will all see at least 5% boosts in production this year. If you work in these construction businesses are you ready to meet the production demands for 2015? You can plan your operations with fabric buildings from Alaska Structures. Fabric buildings are durable and are very versatile; they can serve almost any business operation. With production needs growing quickly, you may not have the time or money to build operation bases so soon. With a fabric building, you can set up operations quickly and for a lower-cost than traditional buildings; just two ways these structures can help!

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Basecamps from Alaska Structures

Jagged Globe is a tour operator that plans treks in some of the toughest regions, such as Mount Everest, Denali or Kilimanjaro. When setting up camp on such tough summits as these, you need the strongest and most durable camping systems. Jagged Globe has been using Alaska Structures fabric buildings to set up their basecamps for adventure treks. These camp systems are fully customizable, with long lasting fabric and materials, insulation, and tested by third-party engineers. Jagged Globe relying on these structures in these rugged regions helps demonstrate their strength and safety. These camping systems are fully capable of supporting any operation.

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Follow Alaska Structures on Social Media

Alaska Structures designs some of the strongest fabric buildings and structures, used in many different commercial industries. Although they opened business in 1975, they aren’t stuck in the past and evolved their products and brand over time. This includes the use of blogs with original content, and social media, where you can fully engage with them and other customers who use their products. Check out Alaska Structures’ social media pages to stay up to date and learn more about their camp systems, buildings, hangars and other products to use for your business needs.

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